Expanding Rural Broadband is a Passion for OneNet’s Business Director

Kevin BlakeWhen it comes to handling business for OneNet, Kevin Blake takes the lead. Blake’s communication skills make him very intelligent, outgoing, and great at advocating for broadband expansion. As OneNet’s business director, he has strong leadership abilities for creating an innovative environment to accomplish the business department’s goals.

The opportunity to work closely with talented people of OneNet, who devote themselves daily to providing quality services and support to the citizens of Oklahoma, drew him to OneNet.

People often join the field of technology because they believe it’s possible to have an impact and want to leave a mark on the way people live their lives. Blake explains why he is interested in technology.

“Being around that all day is contagious, and people who are that passionate as I am are definitely workers you want to have,” Blake said.

The business director is responsible for overseeing the development of OneNet’s business goals and objectives.

“We typically work to increase network connectivity in Oklahoma, identify and develop opportunities, and expand the organization’s presence and its purpose to the citizens of Oklahoma,” Blake explained.

His duties are to exercise the development of OneNet’s business goals and objectives with care and diligence, which includes taking steps to ensure members are properly informed about the financial position of the organization.

Blake’s creativity and innovation helps him think outside of the box and address new challenges on a day-to-day basis.

“The ability to proficiently research and learns about new topics and concepts is an important attribute in my opinion for a successful business director,” Blake said.

Business directors should be able to adapt to changes in their organization and quickly adjust. The most challenging part as a business director is adapting and adjusting, because no matter how much or how well you plan, circumstances change.

Blake believes the key to achieving goals is to be consistent, and one way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. Blake explains what he wants to accomplish.

“I want to encourage public and private partnerships and recommend strategic policy to establish effective structures for providing world-class high-speed Internet access throughout Oklahoma,” Blake said.

While a directorship can sound glamorous, in reality it entails working closely with those around you, with a focus on diligence, responsibility and accountability. Blake’s advice is to build a set of comprehensive skills and make them paramount.

Kevin Blake and his wifeBlake has a passion for expanding broadband in rural communities.

He says, building, maintaining and facilitating services for an open access broadband network has proven immensely successful at fostering education and producing economic gains in U.S. communities.

“High-speed internet access and adoption provide rural students with access to online education programs that help them learn and practice new skills needed for future success,” Blake said.

Increased internet access and adoption also gives rural schools a way to incorporate new, interactive learning environments.

For rural adults, the internet offers access to online education programs that make higher education more affordable and increase skills outside of their current jobs. Blake reveals how new technology is going to be vital for education, health care, and public service.

“New technologies like virtual and augmented reality are already making great inroads into education and healthcare within the state of Oklahoma, with a large number of startups and established companies offering packaged experiences and services aimed at schools and other organizations,” Blake said.

OneNet’s mission is to advance technology across the state of Oklahoma while enhancing educational and economic growth. Through various business interactions and operations, Blake is helping accomplish this for the citizens of Oklahoma, and OneNet is fortunate to have him on our team.

Spotlight by King Mason, Strategic Communications Intern, Fall 2021

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