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As student enrollment increased, Piedmont Public Schools (PPS) discovered that its firewall solution had reached its hardware limitations. Without proper firewall services, the district’s internet connection became increasingly strained and more vulnerable to cyberthreats, making it difficult for students and teachers to access the resources they needed. In order to prevent connectivity bottlenecks, PPS needed a scalable solution that would balance the need for access and security. PPS partnered with OneNet to meet the following needs:

  • Install next-generation firewall services to reduce security threats
  • Manage bandwidth effectively and efficiently to met connectivity needs
  • Improve network visibility through simplified security management
  • Deploy scalable protection to the entire district

OneNet’s Solution

PPS and OneNet developed a plan to implement next-generation firewall services across the district. OneNet’s solution enables PPS to cost-effectively monitor its network through a central console while improving network performance and security.

Solution Highlights

  • Configure and install next-generation firewall services
  • Optimize security inspection capabilities without impacting network speed requirements
  • Offer cost-effective installation and maintenance assistance
  • Provide comprehensive network security from a central location


  • OneNet installed next-generation firewall services that scale to network speed requirements and provide application visibility and control.
  • The upgraded firewall services optimize connectivity and prevent bottlenecks.
  • OneNet’s assistance reduces cost and complexity of firewall installation, maintenance and support.
  • Improved network visibility ensures the integrity of the district’s network without compromising education initiatives.

“OneNet has helped by assessing the problem and showing us an affordable solution.”
– Micheal Watkins, Piedmont Public Schools

By Meagan Leber, Strategic Planning and Communications Intern Spring 2018.

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