OneNet’s Network Support Engineer

Photo of Sean at workIf you ever consider packing everything up and moving across the country, Sean Carr is your go-to for advice. Hailing from California, he made the move to OneNet last January, but many people might ask, why Oklahoma?

“The job market is a lot easier out here,” Carr said. “I drove here in a Toyota Celica that hardly ran with a cardboard box of all my worldly possessions, so it was kind of like a clean slate.”

The biggest difference between California and Oklahoma? Carr says it’s simple.

“People are much nicer. I am so grateful for all the kindness, help and understanding that  I have received, even from total strangers.”

Oklahoma is significantly smaller than his home state, which has required some adjusting as well.

“In Oklahoma, if you see someone once, you will see them again,” he said. “In California if you have an interaction with someone and it’s negative you think, ‘it’s no big deal, I’m never going to see them again.’ But here, I’m probably going to see you at the same place next week.”

Carr is a network support engineer at OneNet. He spends most of his time helping troubleshoot IT issues with OneNet customers.

“My favorite part about working here is the really cool interactions you get with the smaller customers,” he said. “A lot of the libraries and smaller places don’t have IT staff. Most of the time they just have a clerk. Being able to help them with things, just going over and above is awesome. They’re like, ‘why doesn’t this browser thing work?’ Well I know how to help with that, and that’s pretty rewarding.”

Carr has many memorable experiences at OneNet, and all of them revolve around going to great lengths to help customers.

“They all blend into one experience, but driving to Kildare at 8:30 at night to restore their connectivity and spending the night at Western Oklahoma State University during the ice storm because they lost power were both interesting,” he said.

Because Carr enjoys helping solve problems for customers, it’s no surprise that all of his free time is spent volunteering in the community and helping others. However, don’t let his job description and hobbies fool you—he is a self-professing introvert.

“I put a lot of effort into being a more outgoing person,” he said. “I spent all of my 20’s alone, just doing my own thing. Here I have a lot more friends and just like to go out and do things. I try to be the opposite.”

Carr is passionate about serving others in both his professional and personal work and is willing to do whatever it takes to help others reach their goals. His spirit of kindness is what helps makes OneNet an organization centered around empowering communities.

Story by Alexandra Franklin, Strategic Planning and Communications Intern, Spring 2016

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