Internet Access

OneNet’s network is the most advanced in the state. With more than 2,000 miles of high-speed fiber backbone, OneNet provides the capacity required for big data movement, video conferencing, digital learning and telemedicine.

OneNet offers internet access in bandwidths ranging from 5Mbps to 100Gbps. Our high-speed backbone provides a variety of options in both urban and rural areas. OneNet provides seamless connections with redundant network paths that ensure reliability and availability.

Our engineers ensure OneNet’s network is designed to best meet subscribers’ connectivity requirements and to provide exceptional performance. Our engineers offer 24/7 customer support to keep our subscribers connected, so they can serve their communities.

OneNet rates include access to the internet, data and videoconferencing, DNS services, domain registration, Quality of Service (QoS) and MPLS-Multiple Protocol Label Switching. See our suite of services page for more information on these value-added services.

OneNet Fee Structure

The OneNet fee structure is based upon the bandwidth, or network capacity, requested by each subscriber on an individual case basis (ICB). The type of data application(s) the subscriber chooses to transmit throughout the network will ultimately determine the overall bandwidth and network capacity required. In some cases, construction fees may apply.

OneNet may acquire an intermediate circuit through a last-mile provider for connection to the OneNet backbone for network access. The subscriber will be responsible for providing equipment on its premises beyond the subscriber demarcation point, unless specifically requested in quoting process. In addition, the subscriber is responsible for site readiness, such as conduit, backboard and power installation, unless specifically requested in the quoting process.

OneNet Rate Schedule

All rates are determined by an individual case basis (ICB).

Ethernet Services – Any Bandwidth

Monthly Rate: ICB

Annual Rate: ICB

Service Establishment Fee: $1,000.00

Access is subject to availability. A quote for firm pricing is required.

Wireless Services – Any Bandwidth

In areas where landline services are not available, OneNet may use a wireless last-mile solution.

Monthly Rate: ICB

Annual Rate: ICB

Service Establishment Fee: $1,000.00

A quote for firm pricing is required.

Please note: For all bandwidths, the price will include the intermediate circuit, internet access and all value-added services. The subscriber is responsible for all premise equipment including site readiness, such as conduit, backboard and power installation, unless specifically requested in the quoting process. Purchase of the router is the subscriber’s responsibility unless otherwise included in the quoting process. Please reference OneNet’s recommended hardware list for full compatibility, including network management and security. These high-speed circuits may require OneNet to bill a one-time charge for installation of the circuit. If required, the service quoted may include construction costs. Hardware may be purchased through OneNet managed contracts.

Request a Quote

To request a quote, call toll-free 888.5.OneNet or 405.225.9444 in Oklahoma City.

Quotes can also be requested by email at

Please provide your name, email address, phone number, the organization’s name, the address where service is being requested and the bandwidth needed.

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