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cyber lockManaged firewall services are an efficient first line of defense against malicious internet traffic. OneNet’s hardware and software work together to defend your organization against unauthorized intruders. These services are fully managed by OneNet, enabling our customers to focus on advancing their mission.

Managed firewall customers have access to our expert security professionals 24/7, who help configure firewall traffic rules and logs based on your unique needs. Our network professionals monitor the OneNet network, providing additional visibility and support without straining your IT resources.


  • Virtual firewall requires no additional equipment
  • Additional layer of cyber protection
  • Reduced technical burden on staff
  • Access to our network experts
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Palo Alto support


Threat Prevention License
Threat Prevention subscription protects the network from advanced threats by identifying and scanning all traffic, including applications, users and content.

PANDB URL Filtering License
PANDB automatically prevents attacks that leverage the web as an attack point, including phishing links in emails, phishing sites, malicious sites and pages that carry exploit kits.

Global Protect
Global Protect delivers next-generation security platform protection to mobile users to stop targeted cyberattacks, phishing, malicious websites and unknown and known threats.

WildFire Subscription
WildFire goes beyond legacy approaches used to detect unknown threats, bringing together the benefits of traditional and cloud-based analysis.

*Please note, these services are available to E-Rate customers as an add-on bundle.

OneNet Firewall Pricing: E-Rate Customers

up to
Virtual Machine
Model Number
Annual Fee
Add-on Bundle
(Non-E-Rate Eligible)
Annual Fee
Basic Firewall
(Category 2 E-Rate Eligible)
Annual Fee
Basic Firewall
100 MbpsVM-50$357$1,699$2,056
1 GbpsVM-100$949$2,413$3,362
2 GbpsVM-300$1,825$3,410$5,235
4 GbpsVM-500$5,183$6,739$11,922
8 GbpsVM-700$11,169$13,573$24,742

OneNet Firewall Pricing: Non-E-Rate Customers

up to
Virtual Machine
Model Number
Annual Fee
Basic Firewall
100 MbpsVM-50$2,056
1 GbpsVM-100$3,362
2 GbpsVM-300$5,235
4 GbpsVM-500$11,922
8 GbpsVM-700$24,742


For more information, please contact us at 888-5-ONENET (566-3638) or