Strategic Intent

The success of OneNet is built on our ability to innovate and to be the first to offer leading-edge technologies to those we serve. Our vision to be the leader in internet and network services for our state will be achieved through the dedication of each team member to envisioning what can be instead of what is. We will position our organization to fulfill our mission when each team member embraces our organizational values and dedicates themselves to our commitment to meeting the mission-critical needs of our customers. Our success depends on our goals in the areas of technology, collaboration, education, team, quality, customer support and empowerment.


  • We will continually innovate by identifying new technologies that advance our state’s networking capabilities.
  • We will be the first to deploy new technologies in order to better position our customers for success and enable them to fulfill their organizational missions.


  • We will collaborate with other state agencies to ensure a statewide network that meets the needs of our citizens and reaches every corner of our state.
  • We will pursue public/private partnerships with telecommunications and cable providers to create synergies and ultimately enhance the economic growth in both our metropolitan and our rural communities.


  • We will educate our customers on new opportunities available through the latest technological advancements and demonstrate how those technologies can better enable their work.
  • We will extend our educational efforts to Oklahoma’s citizens, expanding technical knowledge and encouraging adoption of technology in everyday life.


  • We will cultivate a knowledgeable and experienced staff and will inspire out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.
  • We will build organizational success by fostering individual success through setting and meeting personal and professional goals.


  • We will ensure quality of service by focusing on creating value rather than boosting numbers.
  • We will provide a higher quality of life for Oklahoma’s citizens by meeting the networking needs of those organizations that enrich lives through their service to communities across our state.

Customer Support

  • We will strive to provide unmatched customer support by ensuring 24/7 availability and responsiveness to those we serve.
  • We recognize the vital role our customers fulfill in their communities, and we commit ourselves to keeping them connected so they can ensure their services are always available when needed.


  • We aim to empower our customers through technology, tools, knowledge and support to propel their services to the next level.
  • We will serve as a conduit for connecting Oklahoma’s citizens to their communities, to their state and to the world beyond, empowering them to pursue their goals and opening up possibilities for tomorrow that weren’t imaginable until today.