OneNet’s Network Technician

Robert Prince headshot

The OneNet team is comprised of an eclectic group of staff with unique stories and interests. As a network technician, Robert Prince contributes to OneNet’s diverse image, too. He was once in a 1970’s G.I. Joe commercial and had an amateur career as a disc golf player. His path towards a career in network communications is unique, but his dedication to his job and passion for OneNet customers is unrivaled.

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OneNet Connectivity Powers STEM Lab at Vanoss Public Schools

student playing with robot

A classroom full of middle school students simultaneously experimenting with handmade robots, calculating physics equations for rocket launches and engaging in bioengineering projects, might seem a little chaotic. For students at Vanoss Junior High School in Ada, all of these projects, and many more, occur regularly in their science classes, but the scene is a lot calmer than you might imagine.

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OneNet’s Network Powers OSU Genome Sequencing Initiatives

scientists with Ipad

Previously, biology and internet connectivity occupied completely different spaces of an academic environment. But in a modern age, this is no longer the case. By utilizing technology, life scientists can complete exponentially more experiments at higher levels than ever imagined. At Oklahoma State University (OSU), researchers are leveraging robust OneNet connectivity to maximize genome sequencing research.

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