Video Conferencing H323 Gatekeeper Upgrade – May 30, 2013

On Thursday May 30, 2013 at 10:00 PM OneNet will be replacing the H323 gatekeepers. The gatekeepers have the addresses and the DNS entry of, neither of these addresses will change and this upgrade is not expected to affect video conferencing.

During the upgrade some systems may fail to register with the new gatekeeper and we are recommending that you reboot or power cycle the systems if they are having difficulties registering with the new gatekeeper or placing calls. If you have any questions about the planned upgrade or any technical issues afterwards please contact the service desk at or by phone at 888-5-OneNet (888-566-3638) option 2 or 405-225-9444 option 2.

The H323 gatekeepers provide a means of address resolution for video conferencing similar to the functionality that DNS provides to the Internet. The current gatekeepers run on hardware that is a number of years old and have limited functionality available. The new gatekeepers will have increased functionality and capabilities that we will be evaluating and deploying in the near future.

As always we provide equipment for testing purposes, below is a list of addresses available for testing:

H323: 164058250181
H323: Onenet-Helpdesk

The current testing system will remain available, and after May 30, 2013 we will be providing additional testing numbers for a limited amount of time:
H323: #92502050001#
H323: 25592502050001
H323: 92502050001
H323: test_okc_hd@onenet.mcu