#WeAreOneNet: Sean Carr

Where are you from?

I am originally from southern California.

How long have you worked at OneNet?

Five years.

Describe what you do on an everyday basis.

Everything. It changes all the time—anything from customer turn-ups to troubleshooting circuits to working with scheduling OneNet technicians and provisioning.

What brought you to OneNet?

The job market in Oklahoma. Also, I wanted to work for Robert Nordmark.

What do you wish more people knew about OneNet?

The engineering department routinely goes so far above and beyond that you would think we were providing IT services. I think it’s amazing that among the five of us in the engineering group, the fact we keep the 1,500+ circuits on the network up and running is impressive.

What is your favorite part about working here?

The opportunity to work with new and interesting technologies like 3D printers. I also like being able to do research on upcoming technology such as blockchain.

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