Zoom Purchasing Plan Solves Travel Challenges for Southeastern Public Library System

Southeastern Public Library System LogoOneNet customers all have public service missions, from education and research to health care and public safety. Many of our customers are striving to fulfill these missions with less funding and resources.

New online and virtual solutions provide cost-effective options for organizations like those OneNet serves. From cloud computing to virtual machines, more and more applications are now online, eliminating the need for physical equipment and reducing costs associated with equipment and maintenance.

Public libraries are one of the groups that, more than ever, need cost-effective technology. Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma (SEPLSO) serves a seven-county area of about 175,000 residents. They have 15 libraries and their mission is “to be a place where people explore yesterday’s heritage, today’s information and tomorrow’s dreams.”

One of SEPLSO’s challenges is bringing together their 22 trustees for board and committee meetings. In the past, many had long travel times to participate in these meetings, which are held two or three times each month.

A new solution has eliminated that challenge for SEPLSO. The library system has implemented Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom offers online meetings and webinars and enables collaborative conference rooms.

OneNet and Zoom recently partnered to develop a statewide purchasing program for video conferencing services that benefits organizations that OneNet serves throughout the state of Oklahoma. This new arrangement creates significant cost savings for OneNet customers, saving up to 90 percent compared to purchasing and installing video conferencing equipment.

SEPLSO is taking advantage of this new purchasing plan to reduce their travel costs and travel time for their trustees and staff.

“We serve a large territory and have trustees who would have to drive two hours one way for committee meetings, then turn around and drive another two hours home. Needless to say, this makes a simple committee meeting an all-day affair,” said Michael Hull, SEPLSO’s executive director. “Zoom makes it easy for those trustees to participate by eliminating the drive time.”

Zoom technology enables meeting participants to connect from a PC or laptop or from traditional video conferencing equipment. SEPLSO’s trustees can participate in the meetings from home or can connect at one of the four libraries in McAlester, Poteau, Hugo and Broken Bow, where SEPLSO has video conferencing equipment.Poteau Oklahoma Library

In addition to trustee meetings, SEPLSO has utilized Zoom for staff meetings and for meeting with other librarians across the state, saving the library system on mileage and travel costs, according to Hull.

“A critical component of OneNet’s mission is to offer new technologies that solve challenges and reduce costs for our customers. The new Zoom purchasing plan achieves this mission, allowing the organizations we serve to reinvest in their own missions and better serve their communities,” said Vonley Royal, OneNet executive director.

The Zoom purchasing plan is available to any organization OneNet serves, including higher education, K-12 schools, career technology centers, libraries, health care and public service organizations. Interested organizations can request more information by sending a query to zoom@onenet.net. For more information on Zoom services, visit https://zoom.us.


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