DNS Services

OneNet provides U.S. locality domain registration for eligible entities.

Register your domain with one of the following URLs:

  • CC.OK.US (for community and junior colleges)
  • K12.OK.US (for K-12 grade public and private schools*)
  • LIB.OK.US (for public and private libraries)
  • MUS.OK.US (for museums)
  • TEC.OK.US (for technical/vocational schools and colleges)
  • ARDMORE.OK.US (for city of Ardmore)
  • CLEVELAND.OK.US (for city of Cleveland)
  • LINDSAY.OK.US (for city of Lindsay)
  • SEMINOLE.OK.US (for city of Seminole)
  • TULSA.OK.US (for city and county of Tulsa)
  • OTNNET.NET (Oklahoma Telemedicine Network)

*Registration and DNS services are available for any Oklahoma K-12 school using the K12.OK.US domain.

OneNet provides DNS hosting services for all subscribers at no additional cost. Subscribers can edit DNS records through our web-based interface.

DNS services are part of OneNet’s internet suite of services. For more information visit our internet access page.