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To update your contact information (e.g. authorize individuals at your organization to modify your OneNet services), please complete and submit the form below:

Customer Contacts Update

  • How many OneNet account numbers do you have? * Required
  • Address * Required
  • Administrative Contact * Required
    The Administrative Contact has authority to request modifications to your OneNet circuit or services. He/She is the primary contact for contract administration and is the only person who may modify a contract.
  • Billing Contact * Required
    The Billing Contact has authority to modify your billing address and frequency and is OneNet's contact for resolving billing discrepancies.
  • On-Site Technical Contact * Required
    The On-Site Technical Contact is available full-time at the circuit site and coordinates with OneNet for basic connectivity needs and troubleshooting. Extensive technical knowledge is helpful but not required. This contact also has authority to request technical changes to OneNet services.
  • Technical Consultant
    The Technical Consultant Contact has authority to request technical changes to OneNet services such as web and email hosting. He/She may be a contracted or off-site technician.
  • E-Rate Contact
    K-12 Schools & Libraries Only: The E-Rate Contact is responsible for resolving questions related to E-Rate applications and funding awards.
  • Website Contact
    The Website Contact has authority to modify and update your website and web services, including modification of website-related domain names.
  • Email Contact
    The Email Contact has authority to modify and update your email services, including modification of email-related domain names.
  • Abuse Contact
    The Abuse Contact is your liaison in the event of abuse of OneNet circuits (e.g. illegal file sharing, spamming). IP addresses assigned by OneNet will list this person as primary contact.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.