Recognizing the need for the expansion of broadband services to the most rural areas of the state, in 2009 former Governor Brad Henry charged Secretary of State Susan Savage to lead a concerted effort to seek grant funding that would make this possible.  Governor Mary Fallin and former Oklahoma State Chief Information Officer Alex Pettit continued this effort that created unprecedented opportunities to expand education, health and public safety services; create new partnerships among local, state and tribal governments, and foster job growth and development.

The State of Oklahoma was notified on August 18, 2010, that the Oklahoma Community Anchor Network project was awarded $74 million from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP).  In 2013, construction was completed, and the new network became fully operational. The implementation of this BTOP project has created access to basic services in the most remote areas of the state.