Mission, Vision & Values Statements

About Us

OneNet is the comprehensive digital communications initiative of Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Oklahoma’s only statewide internet service provider. OneNet leverages local, national, public and private partnerships to provide world-class broadband connectivity to institutions that sustain communities and enrich lives. OneNet’s mission is to advance technology across Oklahoma. OneNet’s high-performance optical network meets the mission-critical needs of Oklahoma’s education, research, health care and public service communities. OneNet also partners with other research and education networks across the country to connect Oklahoma to research programs throughout the nation and around the globe. Serving the diverse set of research and education needs of Oklahoma, OneNet has developed and operated a statewide fiber backbone with a 100Gbps infrastructure serving Oklahoma’s largest research institutions. OneNet operates one of the two Great Plains Network 100Gbps on-ramps to Internet2, as well as directly connects to other statewide research networks through Internet2.


OneNet’s mission is to advance technology across Oklahoma. OneNet enhances economic growth by meeting the mission-critical needs of our state’s education, research, health care and public service communities.


OneNet aspires to be the highest quality broadband network in Oklahoma and a shining example of a research and education network among those across the country. OneNet aims to be a trusted partner to those we serve and a trusted authority in broadband initiatives. OneNet seeks to be the preferred broadband provider for education, research, health care and public service organizations. OneNet strives to provide our clients with the bandwidth required to accomplish their missions and serve their communities.

Values Statement 

OneNet is dedicated to providing the most advanced network in the state. To achieve this, our team embraces values that guide our decisions and drive our actions in everything we do. We commit ourselves to values that build a foundation for delivering a network that empowers our clients and their communities to succeed today and tomorrow.

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Increasing Broadband Access and Digital Inclusion

OneNet is dedicated to leveling the playing field for Oklahoma’s rural communities by increasing broadband access across our state. We advocate for digital inclusion for all our state’s citizens, regardless of whether they reside in rural or metropolitan areas.

Promoting Service Orientation

OneNet’s leadership promotes service-oriented thinking at all levels of our organization. By maintaining focus on our customers’ needs, we ensure our services not only meet but exceed expectations.

Serving as a Trusted Partner

OneNet strives to be a trusted partner to our clients, last-mile providers, vendors and other constituents by providing exceptional services, offering expert guidance, and operating fairly, reliably and dependably.

Enabling the Next Breakthrough

OneNet serves as the catalyst for the next breakthrough, whether scientific or academic, by providing high-speed service and leading-edge technologies that keep our state at the forefront of innovation.

Achieving Cost Savings

OneNet secures cost savings for our clients by providing consistent, cost-effective services. We achieve these savings through fiscal responsibility, vendor negotiations and resource collaboration.

Building Partnerships

OneNet seeks strategic partnerships to create synergies that enable us to achieve more than we could alone. By developing public-private partnerships at the local, state and national levels, we bring together organizations to eliminate boundaries and create value for everyone.

Sharing Technical Expertise

OneNet openly shares our technical knowledge and expertise with our clients and partners. We believe this builds a community that embraces new technologies and empowers those we serve to be both effective and innovative.