Staff Directory

John Hennessey

Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and OneNet

John Hennessey •

John joined OneNet in March 2021 as chief technology officer and now serves as associate vice chancellor of IT and OneNet.  In this role, he is responsible for the overall direction and administration of OneNet, a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. John also provides leadership for the State Regents’ information technology department. Additionally, as higher education chief information officer, he is responsible for facilitating cost savings through coordinated system operations and shared services.

Sonja Wall

Executive Director of OneNet Operations

Sonja Wall •

Sonja joined OneNet in January 2012 as the program manager for the Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN) and now serves as the executive director of OneNet operations. She oversees the day-to-day operations of OneNet, including administration, communications, strategic planning and provisioning. She also is responsible for the implementation of the OCAN project in Oklahoma. In addition, she serves as the chairwoman of the Oklahoma Broadband Initiative Advisory Board and the Advisory Board for the Oklahoma Native American Technology Council.  

Brian Burkhart

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Burkhart •

Brian Burkhart joined the OneNet team in November 1999 as a systems engineer. He currently serves as chief technology officer and coordinates the overall technical direction of OneNet. He also serves as principal investigator for OneNet’s National Science Foundation grant awards.

April Goode

Director of Strategic Planning and Communications

April Goode •

April joined OneNet as outreach coordinator in August 2012 and now serves as director of strategic planning and communications. She facilitates OneNet’s strategic planning process and provides counsel on strategic initiatives. She also educates the public, subscribers and the partners on OneNet and our services. In addition, she coordinates OneNet events and serves as the administrative liaison to the Council on Information Technology (CoIT).

Chris Kosciuk

Chief Information Security Officer

Chris Kosciuk •

Chris joined OneNet in 2016. As chief information security officer, he is responsible for the information security, cybersecurity and assurance programs for the State Regents and OneNet. Chris has more than 15 years of experience in information security, cybersecurity, engineering, administration and compliance.

Randy Crosby

Director of Network Infrastructure

Randy Crosby •

Randy joined OneNet in November 1998 and has served in several positions prior to becoming our director of network infrastructure.  Randy and his team is responsible for ensuring OneNet connectivity through installation, operation and maintenance of our fiber network.

Bill Bradford

Director of Network Systems

Bill Bradford •

Bill Bradford joined the OneNet team in July 2012 as a systems engineer. He currently serves as director of network systems and manages the OneNet team members who deliver above-the-net services, such as virtual infrastructure, colocation, web, email, DNS and application hosting.

Courtney Hamar

Business Director

Courtney Hamar • 

Courtney Hamar served as OneNet’s customer relations manager from December 2014 to June 2017. She returned in June 2023 to serve as OneNet’s business director. She directs OneNet’s accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, asset management and the annual budget.

Norma McCann

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Norma McCann •

Norma joined OneNet in January 2014 as an accounts payable specialist. She was promoted to accounts payable supervisor in October  2015 . Norma is responsible for reviewing and approving invoices for payment, working with vendors on resolving issues and assisting with end-of-year budget preparation.

Karen Carter

Customer Relations Manager

Karen Carter •

Karen joined OneNet in July 2017, and she serves as OneNet’s customer relations manager. In her role, Karen manages and maintains relationships with subscribers through outreach and education. She visits with our subscribers on a regular basis to ensure all their needs are being met. She also attends conferences and trade shows to exhibit on OneNet’s behalf.

Cheri Jensen

Circuit Provisioning Manager

Cheri Jensen •

Cheri has been a member of the OneNet team since August 1998 and currently serves as circuit provisioning manager.  In this role, Cheri provisions subscriber circuits and determines the best option for last-mile services for subscribers. She also acts as a liaison between OneNet subscribers and last-mile providers.

Ian Litchfield

Project Manager

Ian Litchfield •

Ian joined OneNet in September 2008. He handles the day-to-day operations of the infrastructure department. This includes scheduling maintenance, making repairs to the OneNet facilities and working through new circuit turn-ups. He also assists with troubleshooting for OneNet subscribers. He is responsible for project management of both internal and external projects, including the coordination, planning and implementation of new technologies, programs, services and other designated special projects for OneNet.

Shelley Sanderson

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Shelley Sanderson •

Shelley has served the State Regents since April 1996 and joined OneNet in October 2014 as an accounts receivable specialist. She now serves as OneNet’s accounts receivable supervisor. Shelley is responsible for all accounts receivable and billing functions. She also manages the E-Rate federal funding program for schools and libraries, the Healthcare Connect Fund for healthcare providers, and Oklahoma Universal Service Fund (OUSF) program.