New Circuit Timeline – What to Expect

At OneNet, we strive to provide a timely connection for your new circuit or circuit upgrade. Our provisioning team and network technicians partner with the local telecommunications company providing your last-mile services to develop a timeline for your connection and work to keep your installation on schedule. The exact timeline depends on the last-mile provider’s schedule and factors such as construction requirements.

Throughout the installation process, our provisioning coordinator monitors the circuit installation status and keeps you informed on the progress. You can contact us at any time for an update.

Phase 1:OneNet Circuit Order Timeline
Week 1Service order agreement received from the customer
OneNet provisioning coordinator calls the customer to confirm equipment specifications, router type and demarc location, if not confirmed during quoting process
OneNet helpdesk ticket is created and the customer is notified by email—this ticket will follow the circuit installation through completion
Orders received six months after original quote may require additional time to confirm service availability from last-mile provider
OneNet provisioning coordinator sends order request to the last-mile provider
Week 2OneNet receives contract from last-mile provider
Weeks 3-4OneNet receives notification of anticipated installation dates from last-mile provider
OneNet provisioning coordinator notifies the customer of anticipated installation date and details of any site preparation the customer needs to complete

Phase 2:Last-Mile Provider Timeline
Number of weeks dependent on last-mile providerLast-mile provider completes last-mile installation, including any necessary construction
OneNet provisioning coordinator stays in contact with last-mile provider to verify any changes in the installation timeline and updates the customer on circuit progress every two weeks by phone or email
Last-mile provider notifies OneNet of last-mile completion

Phase 3:OneNet Circuit Completion Timeline
Weeks 1-2OneNet network infrastructure technician completes any work or installation necessary at OneNet's hubsite and/or customer site
Week 3OneNet network engineer contacts customer to schedule time to configure router, modify routes and assign IP ranges
CompletionOneNet notifies customer that circuit is operational and billing begins (timeline dependent on customer availability for configuring equipment)

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Thank you for choosing OneNet as your internet service provider.