OneNet: Oklahoma’s network for research, education, health care, and state and local government.

Oklahoma State University - Information Technology - OSUIT
Oklahoma State University - OSU
OneNet Technology
Oklahoma State University - OSU
University of Central Oklahoma - UCO
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Oklahoma State University - Information Technology - OSUIT
Oklahoma State University - Information Technology - OSUIT

OneNet serves a diverse group of subscribers across Oklahoma.

OneNet is Oklahoma’s research and education network that serves universities, colleges, CareerTechs, K-12 schools, libraries, health care facilities, and research institutions, as well as local, state, tribal and federal governments. OneNet does not serve private businesses or private residences.

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What do your usual errands include? Dropping your kids off at school…returning a library book…visiting your local health clinic…renewing your vehicle tag? All of these have one thing in common—OneNet.

Oklahoma State University

Dr. Pratul Agarwal, President for Research Cyberinfrastructure

“OSU received a $4 million award from the National Science Foundation to build one of the largest supercomputers ever to be deployed in the state of Oklahoma and many of the EPSCoR states. This supercomputer will serve the researchers in Oklahoma-Arkansas-Kansas (OAK) region and contribute computational resources to the national science community. OSU’s HPCC has already served over 1,800 users in the state and region. The networking capabilities provided by OneNet are vital for these activities, enabling OSU to make an impact in the region and at the national level.”

Oklahoma State College

Robin O'Quinn, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Eastern 

“OneNet is an asset for advancing education and research across Oklahoma. Without OneNet’s reliability and partnership with all Oklahoma institutions, our rural institutions would be unable to provide our students with the necessary resources for attaining their academic goals.”

University of Oklahoma

Henry Neeman, Director, OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research

“OneNet provides OU's connectivity (i) to the state and (ii) to Internet2, meaning that OU depends on OneNet to be able to connect with our collaborators statewide, regionally, nationally and internationally. This includes transferring OU's large datasets to national repositories in service of NIH's data sharing requirement, and having researchers in EPSCoR jurisdictions transfer their large datasets to the NSF-funded OU & Regional Research Store (OURRstore) tape archive.”

University of Central Oklahoma

Dr. Bryan Duke, Dean of College of Education and Professional Studies

“OneNet is ‘mission critical’ for our university. Moving to any other provider would be extremely disruptive and costly. OneNet is synonymous with the high-speed broadband internet service which we take for granted as we facilitate the development of individuals and deliver programs and services to meet the needs of the professional communities served by the college.”

Oral Roberts University

Michael L. Mathews, VP for Global Learning and Innovation

"OneNet's ability to connect and sustain ORU's global network is the main reason ORU has 15 years of enrollment growth and students from 154 nations, making it the most diverse university in Oklahoma."

Northeastern State University

Pamela Fly, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

“OneNet allows Oklahoma institutions to leverage buying power and purchase academic software at a reduced rate. This includes web conferencing applications, remote proctoring software, and syllabus software.”

Oklahoma City University

Gerry Hunt, Chief Information Officer

"OneNet has been an exceptional partner for Oklahoma City University, offering reliable IT services and steadfast support while effectively managing costs, allowing us to allocate resources where they are needed most."

Mid-America Christian University

Jody Allen, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Officer

“MACU has partnered with OneNet for over 25 years. Their experience, knowledge, and genuine care to help universities have made them an invaluable partner. They continually grow to improve their technology offerings, and they provide value to us that benefits our students daily.”

Oklahoma City Community College

Glenne’ Whisenhunt, PhD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

“We partner with CoIT through OneNet. All our Adobe products are purchased in bulk with other participating schools in the state. We save a significant amount by buying in to a larger pool of licenses. The savings for our Adobe products for all faculty/staff is around $75,000 annually.”

Redlands Community College

Annie Pearson, Vice President for Academic Affairs

“One of the most valuable aspects of OneNet's support for Redlands is its role as an offsite disaster recovery solution. In the event of a natural disaster, cyberattack or any other unforeseen crisis that could disrupt the college's on-campus network infrastructure, OneNet serves as a vital backup. This ensures that even in the face of adversity, Redlands can continue to operate, safeguarding essential data and resources.”

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Dr. James Bell, Vice President for Academic Affairs

“In 2018, NWOSU, along with two of its sister institutions, started a migration from its old student information system from the 1970s to a more modern appearing system. This new system required many more servers and resources. OneNet stepped in to provide these resources. OneNet now hosts, updates, and backs up over 25 virtual servers for NWOSU.”

OneNet Partners with Local Telecommunications Providers

OneNet’s public-private partnerships with local telecommunications providers are vital to delivering last-mile services across our state. Learn how these partnerships work and how they benefit Oklahoma communities.

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