E-Rate Services

OneNet’s E-Rate Expertise

OneNet has been an E-Rate approved internet service provider since 1999, and OneNet staff has been involved in the Federal Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) program since the beginning of the program. OneNet successfully processes an average of 645 line items per month through electronically invoicing USAC with service provider invoices (SPI).

OneNet Eligible Services


OneNet’s network is the most advanced in the state, with bandwidths ranging from 5Mbps to 100Gbps.

Managed Firewall

OneNet’s managed firewall services are an efficient first line of defense against malicious internet traffic.

Managed Router

OneNet engineers handle installation, support and maintenance of your router.

What is E-RAte? (illustration of school and library)

What is E-Rate?

Education Rate (E-Rate) is a USAC program that provides discounts to assist schools and libraries in obtaining affordable internet access and technical services.

Who Can Apply?

  • College & University Campuses

    Schools and school districts

  • Libraries

    Libraries and library systems

  • Consortia-groups

    Consortia-groups of eligible entities that band together to aggregate demand and negotiate lower prices

What Qualifies for E-Rate Funding?

  • 1

    Category One

    • Internet Access
    • Data Transmission Services

  • 2

    Category Two

    • Internal Connections, such as firewalls, routers, switches, Wi-FI access points, internal cabling, UPS backup power, wireless controller systems
    • Managed Internal Broadband Services, such as contracting with a provider for management of the broadband network or Wi-Fi
    • Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections, such as cable and fiber maintenance, repair and upkeep, technical support and software upgrades

How do Discounts Work?

How do Discounts Work?

Discounts range from 20% to 90% of eligible costs. The discount for a school or library depends on:

  • Percentage of eligibility of students for National School Lunch Program
  • Urban or rural location of school or library

E-Rate Filing Process

E-Rate Filing Process

Program Forms

  • 470

    Opens a competitive bid process for services

  • 471

    Requests funds for chosen service provider

  • 486

    Notifies USAC that services have started and must be submitted within 120 days from when service begins or a funding commitment is issued

  • 500

    Submits changes to funding requests after USAC has already issued commitments

  • 479

    Certifies CIPA compliance for consortiums and must be submitted in time for the consortium to file Form 486

Content Filtering Icon

CIPA Requirements

Schools and libraries must certify compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to be eligible for discounts on Category One internet access and all Category Two services. OneNet can help!

OneNet’s Content Filtering Solution

OneNet offers a CIPA-compliant content filtering solution for K-12 schools and libraries.

Who Do I Contact for E-Rate Questions?

Shelley Sanderson
Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Toll-free: 888.5.OneNet
In Oklahoma City: 405.225.9470

OneNet’s SPIN Number: 143015254

Read our E-Rate FAQ page for more info on how service providers like OneNet work with schools and libraries.