Managed Router Service

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Don’t have local tech support to manage your router? OneNet can help with our managed router service.


  • OneNet deploys the latest router technologies capable of handling all bandwidth needs
  • OneNet engineers handle installation, support and maintenance of your router
  • OneNet’s router solution will fit in any environment, and our engineers will take extra care to ensure a seamless migration
  • Routers are fully compatible with OneNet’s network, improving reliability and performance
  • Access OneNet’s 24/7 service desk for support and answers to your technical questions


  • OneNet replaces equipment at end-of-life, making equipment refreshes hassle-free
  • OneNet offers visibility into your equipment through our suite of monitoring tools


Contact us at 888-5-OneNet or for pricing.

For more information, call our network services team at 888-5-OneNet or complete our service interest form.

E-Rate Category 1:

OneNet’s managed router service passes the Tennessee order questions for USAC.

  • The on-premise equipment will be provided by OneNet, the same provider of the internet connection.
  • OneNet is responsible for maintaining the equipment.
  • Ownership of the equipment will remain with OneNet.
  • The equipment will not be used for any other purpose other than receipt of the eligible service of internet access.
  • The local area network is functional without the router.
  • OneNet can use the router for other subscribers.