Oklahoma Community Anchor Overview

The Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN) is a project of the State of Oklahoma comprised of a partnership between the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education/OneNet, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

A number of state agencies own, operate, and maintain telecommunications infrastructures, including the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education/OneNet and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.  OCAN  allows the State of Oklahoma to bridge these disparate network configurations into a focused and aligned network to improve broadband access to areas of the state identified as unserved or underserved.


As well, OCAN expands the state’s existing networks to 93 key anchor institutions and provides 1,100 miles of infrastructure that supports a variety of last-mile projects of particular interest to private sector providers.

OCAN’s community anchor networks include:

  • 14 K-12 Schools
  • 8 Hospitals
  • 1 Public Library
  • 4 Public Safety Facilities
  • 1 Tribal Education Center
  • 22 Higher Education Institutions
  • 4 CareerTech Centers
  • 1 Nonprofit
  • 2 Oklahoma Department of Health Sites
  • 36 Oklahoma Department of Transportation Field Offices

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Sonja Wall

OCAN Contact:
Sonja Wall
Senior Director of OneNet Operations
(405) 225-9345