E-Rate FAQ

Filing for E-Rate can be challenging and confusing for some organizations. To make this process easier for you, here are some commonly asked questions OneNet receives as a service provider:


Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Can a service provider give me information on services before I post an FCC Form 470?

A: Yes! We are able to provide information on services or even give demonstrations before your Form 470 is posted.


Q: Can service providers negotiate a contract with our organization for service?

A: Yes we can! If we’re selected as the most cost-effective bid, we will work with you on negotiations on your service order agreement.


Q: When can service providers install products and services?

A: We can deliver and install products throughout the funding year. There are some time extensions that can apply. Let us know if you have a question about your infrastructure!


Q: Can you prepare my request for proposal for me?

A: No!!! Service providers are restricted from preparing all or part of an application or RFP.


Q: Can service providers prepare a form 470 for our organization?

A: No.  We are unable to prepare, sign, submit or post a Form 470 and/or a Form 470 certification.


Q: Can you assist me in preparing my technology plan?

A: No!  Service providers are not allowed to assist with this process as it is part of the preparation of the RFP.


Q: Can service providers help me when I am performing a Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Review?

A: Absolutely! We would be happy to answer any questions concerning our bid during a PIA review.


Q: Can I list someone from OneNet on my FCC Form 470 as a contact?

A: No. Please list your E-Rate contact—either the consultant or someone from your organization.


Q: Can service providers give away free services?

A: We are not able to give away any free services to our subscribers because to do so would be a violation of E-Rate rules.


Q: Are you able to communicate with me during the bidding process?

A: Absolutely! We are happy to maintain open communication to make sure we are providing you with a timely and responsive bid.


Q: Are service providers able to bundle E-Rate eligible services with services that aren’t E-Rate eligible?

A: No—we are required to separate the eligible and ineligible services so as not to hide the cost of the ineligible ones.


Q: Is it OK for a service provider to finish the contracting process before I have filed my FCC Form 471?

A: There is no problem with finishing the contracting process before your 471 is filed. In fact, it ensures your circuit is provisioned in a timelier manner!  We must wait a minimum of 28 days after your 470 posts before any contracts or agreements can be signed.


Q: Can you help me evaluate bids sent in from other service providers?

A: Absolutely not!  As a service provider, we can only submit and review the bid we provide. We are unable to evaluate bids from other service providers, review the matrix you use to score the bids or offer any other consultation on other bids.


Q: It is hard for our organization to receive funds for technology. Do you ever give charitable donations or waive the non-discount share of our organization’s services?

A: No way!! We can’t provide any donations that would be an enticement to select us as the service provider. We also can’t waive any fees for the ineligible E-Rate services or the non-discount share. Those fees will be the responsibility of the organization we provide service to.


Q: What happens if I submit a service certification with incorrect information?

A: We will never urge you to submit incorrect information. Please work with your E-Rate contact to submit accurate information.


Q: As soon as I am funded can you begin discounting my invoice?

A: We can only discount your invoice once you have filed a 486, services have begun, and we have received acknowledgment from USAC that the form is received.

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