You Use OneNet and May Not Know It

What do your usual errands include? Dropping your kids off at school…returning a library book…visiting your local health clinic…renewing your vehicle tag? All of these have one thing in common—OneNet.

OneNet provides services for a wide variety of community agencies, and in your usual daily activities, you may use OneNet and not realize it.

When you take your children to school, you’re using OneNet. We serve nearly 50 percent of the K-12 school districts across our state. Our high-speed connectivity makes it possible for your children to participate in today’s digital learning age. From distance learning courses to online learning games, students have expanded learning opportunities and are better prepared for higher education and the workforce. We also serve most of the state’s career technology centers, where our services help students prepare for a variety of career paths.

After picking your children up from school, do you ever visit your local library? OneNet provides internet service for many of Oklahoma’s libraries, including several rural library systems. Internet service is a priority for libraries who serve their communities by providing internet access for research, job searches, online applications for various programs and benefits, and even entertainment.

OneNet also provide access to educational entertainment. Are you a fan of Downton Abbey, or do your children love to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? If so, you’re using OneNet every time you tune-in to your favorite PBS show. OneNet connects OETA’s broadcast towers throughout the state, bringing you educational programming for the entire family.

Having a family means you also must have transportation. Everyone who has a car visits their local tag agency at least once a year to update vehicle tags. When you’re updating your plate or your driver’s license, you’re using OneNet. We provide service to all of the tag agencies across Oklahoma, ensuring they have the internet access required to provide quick, convenient service for you.

OneNet provides service to a variety of other government agencies as well. Many municipalities, public safety agencies and tribal government agencies have OneNet services. Whether you’re visiting city hall, a tribal community center or a court house, you may be accessing OneNet through a government agency. Other government agencies of all sizes utilize OneNet from the Department of Transportation to the Indigent Defense System and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

While you might not want to find yourself there frequently, you can trust that hospitals and health clinics that rely on OneNet’s network are able to transmit your records, conduct tests and communicate with other health professionals seamlessly. OneNet serves more than 50 hospital and clinics around the state. Hospitals, especially those in rural areas, need access to reliable internet for telemedicine, administrative functions and communications with other providers. OneNet partners with health care providers to ensure even our most rural citizens receive quality health care. OneNet also provides service to every Department of Health location throughout the state and every health clinic that is part of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Through these agencies, we reach many of our state’s most vulnerable citizens.

While OneNet reaches Oklahoma citizens in a variety of ways, OneNet’s roots began in higher education and research 20 years ago, and our connection to both still run deep. OneNet serves every public higher education institution in Oklahoma. When your son or daughter researches a paper at the university library or streams Netflix in their dorm room, they use OneNet.

Von Royal

Von Royal, Executive Director

We also provide the high-speed connectivity that enables our state’s researchers to participate in global research initiatives. Oklahomans know the importance of severe weather warnings. The weather reports issued by the National Weather Service that keep all of us weather aware and safe throughout the year are accurate thanks to research projects that traveled on OneNet’s network. Through all of these connections, OneNet is striving to accomplish our mission of advancing technology across Oklahoma.

Where did you go today? Did you use OneNet and didn’t realize it? OneNet is touching the lives of Oklahoma’s citizens every day through a variety of agencies. Our high-speed, reliable internet makes community agency services possible in all 77 counties throughout our great state. If we didn’t serve you somewhere today, we’re confident we will serve you soon.

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