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#WeAreOneNet: Aaron Muse

Aaron Muse

“I wish more people knew about the culture. We work together, play on each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and look out for one another.” Learn more about Aaron in our #WeAreOneNet series.

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#WeAreOneNet: Brandi Casteel

Brandi Casteel

“My favorite part of working here are our close-knit group of staff, the fact that our boss strives to continue and encourages our training opportunities, our vendors and the relationships you build with them, old and new. The staff is dedicated to Oklahoma’s success!” Learn more about Brandi in our #WeAreOneNet series.

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#WeAreOneNet: Nick Thigpen

Nick Thigpen

“I wish more people knew what it takes the OneNet team to make it possible for customers to access their networks at their schools or places of employment.” Learn more about Nick in our #WeAreOneNet series.

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#WeAreOneNet: Cheri Jensen

Cheri Jensen

“OneNet has the best interest of the people of Oklahoma at heart. We want to ensure that everyone has the internet access they need at the lowest price possible.” Learn more about Cheri in our #WeAreOneNet series.

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#WeAreOneNet: Norma McCann

Norma McCann

“OneNet helps bring internet to communities across Oklahoma, but especially rural communities. I wish people knew more about the impact that internet has on these rural communities the role that OneNet plays in making it happen.” Learn more about Norma in our #WeAreOneNet series.

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Celebrating OCAN’s 5th Anniversary

Binary Code

This month, OneNet marks the five-year anniversary of the Oklahoma Community Anchor Network (OCAN). OCAN is a system of high-speed fiber optic cable that spans 1,005 miles and provides high-speed broadband access to rural areas of the state. Since launching in 2013, OCAN has more than doubled its number of anchor institutions while expanding economic and educational opportunities throughout Oklahoma.

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