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Anycast DNS IPs

OneNet’s new Anycast DNS IPs offer our subscribers faster website load times. Plus, this new DNS service helps subscribers improve their content filtering, keeping everyone safer on the internet. All of this is available at no additional charge for OneNet internet subscribers.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is critical to the function of the internet. Visitors use domain names, such as onenet.net or google.com, when accessing the internet with a web browser. DNS servers are responsible for translating those domain names into IP addresses that the web browser actually uses to access the website.

Modern websites often imbed images, video, analytics and other content from other sites and services, causing the browser to make many DNS lookups per page, slowing the load time.

OneNet is introducing Anycast DNS IPs to provide quicker DNS responses. This service offers better performance and faster website load times.


  • Changing to Anycast is faster for all subscribers and a win for subscribers who want to improve their content filtering.
  • OneNet has DNS servers deployed throughout the state. By using our Anycast DNS IPs, requests are automatically routed to the closest and fastest server. These IPs are and
  • Content filtering can grant or deny access to specific websites. However, once access is granted, there is no control over what content is actually displayed in the site. Anycast DNS IPs help solve this issue.
  • Google, YouTube, and Bing have implemented a feature called SafeSearch, designed as an attempt to prevent displaying explicit content on their platforms. One way to enable this feature is with specifically crafted DNS responses, which OneNet has implemented on our SafeSearch Anycast DNS IPs, and


OneNet provides Anycast DNS IPs at no additional charge for our internet subscribers. SafeSearch Anycast DNS IPs are a value-added benefit for subscribers as well.

To take advantage of Anycast DNS, simply point your PCs and devices to the new IPs for DNS resolution. If you are a subscriber of our managed router service, we have already taken care of this for you. For assistance with any other on-premise devices or for other questions, contact our engineering team at support@onenet.net.

DNS Hosting

OneNet is the delegated registration authority for a variety of domains that are available to Oklahoma organizations. OneNet provides U.S. locality domain registration and subdomains for eligible entities, for example, schoolname.k12.ok.us. OneNet offers these DNS hosting services to internet subscribers at no additional cost.

Register your domain with one of the following URLs:

  • CC.OK.US (for community and junior colleges)
  • K12.OK.US (for K-12 grade public and private schools*)
  • LIB.OK.US (for public and private libraries)
  • MUS.OK.US (for museums)
  • TEC.OK.US (for technical/vocational schools and colleges)
  • ARDMORE.OK.US (for city of Ardmore)
  • CLEVELAND.OK.US (for city of Cleveland)
  • LINDSAY.OK.US (for city of Lindsay)
  • SEMINOLE.OK.US (for city of Seminole)
  • TULSA.OK.US (for city and county of Tulsa)
  • OTNNET.NET (Oklahoma Telemedicine Network)

*Registration and DNS services are available for any Oklahoma K-12 school using the K12.OK.US domain.

Subscribers can edit DNS records through our web-based interface.

DNS services are part of OneNet’s internet suite of services. For more information, visit our internet access page.