OneNet Fee Structure

The OneNet fee structure is based upon the bandwidth, or network capacity, requested by each subscriber on an individual case basis (ICB). The type of data application(s) the subscriber chooses to transmit throughout the network will ultimately determine the overall bandwidth required.

OneNet may acquire an intermediate circuit through a last-mile provider for connection to the OneNet backbone for network access. The subscriber will be responsible for providing equipment on its premises beyond the subscriber demarcation point, unless specifically requested in quoting process. In addition, the subscriber is responsible for site readiness, such as conduit, backboard and power installation, unless specifically requested in the quoting process.

All rates are determined on an individual case basis (ICB). Factors that affect a subscriber’s rate are the bandwidth requested, the cost of the intermediate last-mile service, and applicable construction fees.

OneNet rates include access to the internet, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation, DNS services, domain registration, Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS-Multiple Protocol Label Switching, contingent access to contract discounts on technology products and services, and 24/7 technical support and troubleshooting.