Split-Local Loop Option

For subscribers with multiple locations, OneNet’s split-local loop option adds resiliency to your connectivity through one internet service.

A split-local loop delivers a single internet service to two locations among a subscriber’s sites.

Subscribers who can benefit include higher education institutions, K-12 schools, career technology centers, libraries or health care providers with multiple sites in a community.


  • More resilient connectivity – If one circuit on the loop experiences an outage, the subscriber will still have connectivity through the second circuit.
  • Simplifies the set-up – The split-local loop is a simple way to have service on two circuits.
  • Cost savings – OneNet charges one price for the split-local loop service that includes the cost of both circuits – the subscriber does not have to purchase two services from a provider.
  • E-Rate funding – For schools and libraries receiving federal E-Rate funding, E-Rate will not pay for two separate internet services, but will fund a split-local loop from one internet service provider.

What Our Explainer Video to Learn How It Works!


  • OneNet delivers the split-local loop through two last-mile circuits; however, it is still a single internet service for the subscriber.
  • If the subscriber purchases a 10G service from OneNet, the two locations will share the 10G connectivity.
  • The subscriber will need a WAN to deliver this service to all of their sites.


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