Virtual Infrastructure Redundancy and Disaster Recovery Capabilities

OneNet employs a variety of enterprise class hardware and software technologies to provide highly available, resilient and redundant virtual infrastructure services.

Oklahoma City Datacenter

  • N+3 redundant battery backed UPS
  • Generator power backup
  • 2N redundant power distribution
  • 2N redundant cooling
  • Diverse fiber paths and IP routing

Tulsa Datacenter

  • N+3 redundant battery backed UPS
  • Generator power backup
  • Multiple cooling sources
  • Diverse fiber paths and IP routing

Virtualization Service Oklahoma City and Tulsa

  • VMware high availability provides resiliency for physical component failures
  • VMware dynamic resource scheduling provides host load balancing
  • 2N redundant fiber channel storage area network
  • Enterprise storage (HA storage controllers)
  • Data encrypted (SHA-256) at rest
  • Snapshot and replication every four hours with two-week retention
  • Tulsa provides warm site disaster recovery for Oklahoma City and vice versa
  • 24/7 host and service monitoring

Optional Archival Storage

  • HA cluster in Oklahoma City
  • Partner system in Tulsa
  • Highly resilient ZFS file system

Optional Virtual Machine Management (per VM)

  • Operating system deployment, configuration and patching
  • Endpoint protection (anti-virus)
  • OS and application monitoring

Optional Next-Gen Firewall Protection and VPN (PaloAlto)

  • Application aware stateful traffic inspection
  • Real-time threat detection and prevention
  • Cloud driven threat intelligence
  • Integrated intrusion prevention