Norman Public Schools Increases Reliability, Pools Resources for Cost Savings

NPS ChartChallenges

In 2014, Norman Public Schools (NPS) created a connective device initiative for student engagement, which resulted in an increase of approximately 10,000 devices connecting to the district’s network. As the school district began implementing the initiative, it began to encounter connectivity bottlenecks that hindered classroom learning. NPS partnered with OneNet to meet the following needs:

  1. Increase bandwidth to meet the connectivity needs of all district devices
  2. Upgrade the district data center to match current network electronic levels
  3. Ensure cloud-based end of instruction tests would be administered seamlessly
  4. Prevent network bottlenecks during media-rich lessons
  5. Increase network security to support the new fiber connection

OneNet’s Solution

Based on the number of students and faculty connecting to the network, NPS needed a 10 gigabit fiber connection to improve performance and secure connections. Leveraging relationships with the University of Oklahoma (OU), a plan was developed to utilize a shared data center with OU to promote cost savings for both institutions. OneNet installed services on site to allow NPS administrators to monitor their overall connections.

Solution Highlights:

  • Increase network bandwidth and performance
  • Pool physical resources to ensure cost savings for NPS and OU
  • Manage and monitor connection points to server
  • Provide a secure network for testing
  • Prevent network bottlenecks during high-use times


  • The upgraded connections allow students to receive and create digital content quickly.
  • NPS is able to increase reliance on digital content for classroom work, eliminating waste and cost for physical assignments.
  • NPS now has their data in a protected, secure location that can resist 200+ mph winds.
  • Students now have better connectivity to access media-rich content for learning.

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