ColocationUtilize OneNet’s data center for your hardware.


  • Saves on the costs and maintenance of operating your own data center
  • Offers an affordable option for adding computing resources without costly facility upgrades
  • Connects your site seamlessly to OneNet’s data center through advanced MPLS services on OneNet’s high-speed network
  • Provides a cost-effective solution for off-site backup, disaster recovery and cloud-hosted services
  • Offloads bandwidth consumed by public-facing services from your local connection
  • Access OneNet’s 24/7 service desk for support and answers to your technical questions


  • Rack space is available at our Oklahoma City data centerAICPA SOC Logo
  • Data center is backed by top-of-the-line cooling and power redundancy solutions
  • Extremely resilient connectivity provided by multiple redundant connections between the data center and OneNet’s core network
  • SOC2 Type 2 audit of OneNet’s control requirements for our data center, virtualization, and colocation services
  • Virtual Infrastructure also available


Physical colocation: OneNet offers rack space for $240 per unit, annually. Subscribers can also purchase a full 40RU rack for $8,400 annually. Fees do not include connectivity-see pricing below.

Physical connectivity fees:

  • 1 gig port: $144/year per port
  • 10 gig port: $324/year per port

Internet Bandwidth: $48/ year per 1Mbps (does not apply to MPLS-only connections)

For more information, call our network systems team at 888-5-OneNet or complete our service interest form.

To place an order, send your service request to