Connecting Rural School Fuels Passion for OneNet’s Provisioning Manager

Cheri Jensen headshotCheri Jensen is a valued staff member of OneNet and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. As OneNet’s provisioning manager, Cheri directs service quotes and orders for OneNet subscribers. When a potential subscriber requests service or a current subscriber requests an upgrade, they contact the provisioning team, and Cheri initiates the ordering process. Cheri then follows up with the subscriber to keep them up-to-date as the advanced, high-quality broadband service is integrated. Once the service is ready, OneNet’s engineers connect the subscriber to the OneNet circuit.

Cheri has been with OneNet for 23 years and has previously served in a variety of roles, including client helpdesk support, helpdesk supervisor, provisioning coordinator, and now as OneNet’s provisioning manager.  As provisioning manager, Cheri places bids for circuits to connect to OneNet, coordinates the installation of the circuit, and maintains OneNet’s database.

Cheri has a unique background and is originally from Michigan.

“While I am proud to call Oklahoma home, I came here by way of Michigan. My father was in the Air Force and retired here after his service,” Cheri said.

OneNet’s mission touches Cheri close to home.

“I take pride in knowing that I am working for the betterment of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s education,” Cheri said OneNet’s advanced broadband connects education systems throughout the state of Oklahoma that serve all ages, from students in kindergarten to college.

The provisioning department assists in OneNet’s mission in several ways.

“One way that provisioning helps with fulfilling OneNet’s mission is by reaching out to our partners and finding the best local provider and the most affordable rate to provide last-mile services to our subscribers. This is especially helpful in rural areas where pricing can be much higher. We want to make sure that every school and library in Oklahoma have the same access to the internet at a reasonable cost,” she said.

Though Cheri has become a significant asset to the OneNet family, her journey has not been without challenges.

“It has been difficult to find providers in certain rural areas. High-speed internet is vital for a lot of our clients to perform functions that are sometimes taken for granted. The Real ID project was one of our biggest projects, affecting almost everyone in Oklahoma. Without high-speed internet, we would not be able to provide Oklahomans with the technology that is required to comply,” Cheri said.

Because high-speed internet is vital for OneNet’s subscribers and everyone who resides in Oklahoma, OneNet has inspired staff to think outside the box.Picture of whiskey bottles Picture of whiskey bottles

“Working for OneNet has allowed me to learn things about our state that I would never have learned had I not worked for OneNet,” Cheri said. It is with this insight that she is able to build a foundation to deliver a network that empowers OneNet subscribers to succeed today and tomorrow.

On a personal note, outside of work, Cheri is avid in building puzzles. Whether it be jigsaw, word puzzles, or figuring out the clues, she loves them! Cheri also collects vintage glass pieces.

Cheri shared, “I have an extensive collection of Milk Glass but my favorite glass collection is my whiskey collection. It dates back to the beginning of Jim Beam and I have a vintage rare George Dickel Tennessee souvenir bottle with a leather handle from the year I was born!”

Thank you, Cheri, for your commitment to OneNet!


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