Customer Spotlight: Yale Public Library



Tell us about your organization and how critical reliable connectivity is.

Just like many public libraries in small towns, public access to Internet is invaluable. A lot of people don’t have personal computers and have come to expect that they can rely on libraries for access. Our library is extremely important to our community.


What role does your organization play in your local community?

One of our mottos is ‘We don’t just do books.’ We’re able to provide so many services to our community. Home school students often meet here; counseling sessions occur here, and we even have an exercise class that meets at our library. Those are just a few examples of how vital we are. We don’t generate revenue, but I am thankful that our community has the wisdom to realize our importance.

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How has OneNet helped advance your organization’s mission?

We rely solely on part-time staff and volunteers here, so we don’t have any IT professionals. OneNet has always been welcoming of questions, whether they’re simple or complicated. Everyone I have encountered is extremely professional, kind and understanding.


How does your partnership with OneNet benefit the recipients of your services?

OneNet is always reliable and provides us with fast Internet. Our community has expectations that they can come to our library and be connected, and they always are.


Do you have an example of a technological challenge OneNet was able to help you overcome?

About a year and a half ago we went from a T1 line to 20Mbps. OneNet was so helpful in the transition and made it a pretty seamless process. I appreciated their thoroughness and experience.


What is one electronic device you always have on you?

As a librarian, I always use my Kindle.


What is the first thing you do in the morning before tackling your workload?

I really enjoy having a quiet time before I start my day. I don’t watch TV or listen to anything and go on a walk instead.


What is your favorite quote or best piece of advice someone has given you?

A woman I admired once lost a button on her suit jacket during the middle of the day and told me “Don’t let a button ruin your day.” It’s profound when you think about it. It helps me keep things in perspective.

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