Driving Digital Transformation through 20/20 Vision

Von Royal

Executive Director Vonley Royal

Great vision is characterized by the ability to see with clarity while sustaining focus on what lies ahead—the future. Great visions are executed and implemented by the visionaries who dream and execute advancements in a creative and sustainable way. The visionaries who turn their visions into reality have shaped, and will continue to shape, Oklahoma’s storied history.

OneNet’s vision is to advance technology throughout Oklahoma to accelerate positive outcomes that will propel our state into the future. There are numerous areas on which to focus, including education, economic development, health care, local and state government, and scientific research.

For more than 20 years, OneNet has been a leader within state government for numerous technology advancements. Through our high-speed network deployments that support initiatives from local, state and federal agencies to improvements in fiber infrastructure for schools, OneNet has not only contributed, but led by example.

OneNet’s innovative leadership team and an advanced technical staff look to the future with 20/20 vision. We believe our ability to plan for the future with imagination and intuition is what is required by state leadership. We stand positioned as a vital resource to be leveraged for the development and implementation of technology advancements across the state. With this vision in mind, we will once again make Oklahoma a national leader for generations to come.

The following technology recommendations outline a strategy for digital transformation and create a vision for the state of Oklahoma in the areas of economic stimulus and broadband network services. Our digital initiatives build a foundation for delivering a network that empowers our constituents and their communities to succeed today and tomorrow.

Drivers for Oklahoma’s Digital TransformationDigital Transformation Word Art

  • Expand development of the state government broadband network. Consolidation of all state agencies onto a common core broadband infrastructure will facilitate cost savings and provide a more effective technology deployment.
  • Develop a centralized, statewide cyber command center to detect and mitigate cyberattacks for all levels of government and develop educational assets to prepare for disaster recovery and curtail future cyberthreats.
  • Implement predictive data analytics to scale within the secondary and higher education systems to improve student performance, retention management and graduation rates, as well as career path opportunities.
  • Deliver fiber connectivity to every K-12 school in Oklahoma, ensuring our state is prepared to be a top 10 state in education and enhancing students’ opportunities to excel.
  • Capitalize on federal grant funding to expand fiber infrastructure, develop a digital equity plan and create a digital inclusion initiative.
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships to deliver high-capacity bandwidth and spur
    economic growth opportunities for the OKC Innovation District, Federal Opportunity Zones, commerical enterprises and local governments.
  • Broaden STEM education through smart classrooms and provide every Oklahoma student access to emerging technologies, such as 1:1 initiatives, augmented and virtual reality, gamification and 3-D printing.
  • Increase the level of funding through the federal E-Rate program, which funds internet for schools and libraries, to secure equipment and technology in all Oklahoma classrooms, alleviating budget restraints and providing better connectivity for teachers and students.
  • Connect Oklahoma-based data center infrastructure to the centralized state network in order to create more cost efficiencies, network flexibility and public-private partnerships.
  • Create an expansive Science DMZ for Oklahoma by expanding participation of higher education institutions in the OneOklahoma Friction Free Network and increasing the level of federal grant funding to both large and small institutions.

We hope you will partner with us in pursuing these drivers for digital transformation. OneNet’s leadership team looks forward to collaborating with state leadership to accomplish our vision and ensure Oklahoma is a top 10 state for network and broadband connectivity.

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