How OneNet Partners with Private Telecommunications Providers

A key to OneNet’s success is our partnerships with private telecommunications providers. OneNet partners with approximately 30 local providers across the state. These companies provide OneNet’s last-mile services—the connection from the subscriber’s building to OneNet’s network.

Once the local provider connects the subscriber to OneNet’s network, we connect the subscriber across the state and around the globe through upstream internet services.

Last-mile partnerships enable OneNet to provide services in all 77 Oklahoma counties. These providers help us reach K-12 schools, career technology centers, libraries, research institutions, health care providers and government agencies. In fact, 90% of OneNet’s subscribers are connected through a circuit provided by a local telecommunications company.

How It Works

When OneNet receives a request for service from a subscriber, our provisioning team reaches out to the providers in that subscriber’s area and asks for a quote on the last-mile circuit.

OneNet chooses a provider based on connection type, service quality, pricing and special requirements for the subscriber’s circuit. OneNet then adds the cost of our internet services to the quote and sends the bid to the subscriber.

Provisioning Process Steps

Here is how the process works: Most of this process is automated through OneNet’s customer relationship management system to ensure a fair selection process for the last-mile provider.

Our Last-Mile Partners

OneNet’s last-mile partners include:

  • AT&T
  • AtLink Services
  • Beggs Telephone Company
  • Bluepeak
  • BTC Broadband
  • Central Oklahoma Telephone
  • Cherokee Telephone Company
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Cox Communications
  • Cross Telephone
  • DiamondNet
  • Dobson Technologies
  • Fidelity Communications
  • GigaPop
  • Hilliary Erate & Universal Services
  • Hinton Telephone
  • Indian Nations Fiber Optics
  • KPowerNet
  • MBO
  • Oklatel
  • Panhandle Telephone Cooperative
  • Pine Telephone
  • Pioneer Telephone
  • Skyrider Communications
  • Sparklight
  • Suddenlink
  • Trace Fiber Networks
  • Vyve
  • Windstream

OneNet’s list of last-mile partners changes based on our subscribers’ service needs and requests.

Public-Private Partnership Benefits

OneNet reinvested more than $12 million statewide last year through public-private partnerships

OneNet’s public-private partnership with telecommunications providers is a win-win for both parties. OneNet has access to last-mile services across the state and can focus on our middle-mile services and upstream connectivity. In return, the last-mile providers receive more than $12 million annually in business from OneNet.

“OneNet’s leadership team is proud of the partnerships with our last-mile providers. Many have partnered with us since our inception in 1996,” said John Hennessey, associate vice chancellor of Information Technology and OneNet. “Together, we are able to offer high-speed broadband options to organizations across the state with critical missions, such as education, research, health care and government services.”

Learn More

Watch our explainer video below to learn more about how last-mile partnerships work!

Read John Hennessey’s column on how last-mile partnerships deliver broadband to rural communities.

How to Partner

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