Internet2 Resources for Oklahoma Teachers

Teachers at Oklahoma K-12 schools connected to OneNet have two opportunities to expand distance learning and participate in virtual fieldtrips thanks to OneNet’s partnership with Internet2.

Internet2’s Community Anchor Program (CAP) is offering a distance learning scholarship program and has announced the 2022 Presidential Primary Sources Project.

Distance Learning Scholarship Program

Internet2 CAP Scholarship ProgramCAP’s second annual distance learning scholarship program gives K-12 teachers a free, one-on-one distance learning program for their class through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC).

The scholarship is open to any teacher at a K-12 school connected to one of the CAP community’s research and education networks, and applications are due Nov. 19. Teachers can apply for the scholarship regardless of whether their school is holding in-person classes or distance learning. Last year, CAP awarded 39 scholarships to teachers in seven states, including Oklahoma.

To apply, teachers must:

  • Teach in a school district that is connected to one of CAP’s research and education network participants. (Schools connected to OneNet are eligible!)
  • Visit the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration to select a distance learning class for their students to include with the application form.
  • Complete a scholarship application form.

You can read more about the scholarship at the scholarship home page.

Presidential Primary Sources Project

Presidential Primary Sources ProjectCAP has announced that the 2022 Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP) program series is now live and open for registration!

PPSP allows students and educators to hear directly from National Park Service rangers and Presidential Historians about our nation’s presidents and how they have shaped our country. The program is a series of free 45-minute interactive videoconferencing programs aimed at students in grades 4-12.

The 2022 program series will engage students in learning how to use and analyze primary sources as they are guided on a journey through the historical legacies of our presidents.

A participating teacher explains, “You get to learn from an expert and virtually visit a location of historical value and interest in a truly immersive learning experience, where kids are not just being recipients of information but participating in the actual learning process by asking questions and analyzing artifacts.”

The series will run from January through March 2022. Free registration is now open, so feel free to visit the project web page for more information and to sign up today!


Internet2 is a community providing a secure high-speed network, cloud solutions, research support, and services tailored for research and education. It serves 323 U.S. universities, 60 government agencies, 45 regional and state education networks and through them supports more than 80,000 community anchor institutions. OneNet has provided Internet2 connectivity for Oklahoma since 1999.

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