OneNet Hosted Solution Improves Collaboration Across Oklahoma’s Universities and Colleges


Ten universities and colleges, including the Oklahoma State University A&M system, sought to share health and security policies, but found it challenging to collaborate with each other. Faculty and staff were emailing data back and forth without a way to share information where it was widely accessible. Without a proper platform to share and send documents, collaboration on health and security policies was difficult. To find a solution that worked for everyone, these universities and colleges partnered with OneNet to meet the following needs:

  • Provide an information-sharing platform across multiple universities and colleges
  • Reduce costs associated with file-hosting solutions
  • Increase productivity by organizing and streamlining files more effectively
  • Improve collaboration among institutions working toward a common initiative

Cloud Data Sharing

OneNet’s Solution

OneNet evaluated different software options that would be effective for collaboration and could be used by multiple institutions. OneNet identified OwnCloud, an open-source software that allows multiple entities to share documents and organize them on one platform. This software solved the problems created by emailing back and forth and was cost effective for the universities and colleges.

Solution Highlights

  • Install OwnCloud on OneNet’s shared web hosting platform
  • Arrange for automatic updates to the OwnCloud installation
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for managing file sharing groups
  • Restrict data access to authorized individuals and groups


  • Policy collaboration has increased across multiple institutions in the state of Oklahoma.
  • Software is easily managed and maintained by OneNet.
  • A common hosting environment has given users the ability to organize and share their files effectively.
  • Files are stored on a virtual server plaform in a secure location with diasaster recovery capability.
  • Utilizing OwnCloud and OneNet’s hosting platform provided a cost-effective solution.


Case Study by Andrew Will, 2019 Multi-Media Content Intern 

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