#OneNetChampions: Samual Curtis

Samual CurtisAtLink

Chief Executive Officer

How long have you worked for your organization?

I founded AtLink in 2005.

Describe what you do on an everyday basis.

I’m fortunate to have what I consider more of a hybrid leadership role with the organization. I endeavor to provide visionary, big picture direction for the operation as a whole, but at the same time, as a professional engineer, I am able to remain very involved with the specific details of our network design and expansion.

How long has your organization been a OneNet partner?

11 years

How does high-speed internet help the communities you serve?

High-speed internet has become the most relied upon utility for education, healthcare, community growth and economic opportunities. AtLink’s continued growth highlights the access disparity across the state.

Why are you a OneNet champion?OneNet Champions Logo

From our inception, AtLink has operated on the mantra of delivering high-speed internet to the unserved and underserved, and we see ourselves as part of an ever-evolving world where delivery and adaptation of the latest technology will revolutionize Oklahoma’s future. Although we have ventured into many urban and suburban areas, AtLink takes great pride in our original mission to help change lives in rural Oklahoma by offering reliable internet access.

What would you tell others about OneNet?

OneNet has created a backbone of access and connectivity for the state. This partnership, and the partnerships they have cultivated, helps to drive opportunities for everyone.

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