OneNet’s Systems Team Solves Technology Challenges and Provides Cost Savings for Subscribers

OneNet’s systems team is unlike any other! The systems team provides services and support for subscribers to enhance their OneNet connectivity. This group manages services such as virtual infrastructure, colocation, data storage, website and email hosting, and video conferencing that add value to OneNet subscribers and provide cost savings as well.

The systems team aids in a vital and often unknown role in fulling OneNet’s mission by offering cutting-edge solutions that meet our state’s education, research, health care, and state and local government needs.            Virtual Infrastructure Service graphic

OneNet maintains a world-class data center that offers efficient and versatile digital services for subscribers. The systems team manages the data center to ensure high-quality infrastructure and cost-effective applications for subscribers. With these highly robust and scalable virtual services, the data center and the systems team meet mission-critical needs for subscribers.

In order to help all of the diverse institutions OneNet provides service to, our systems team is comprised of various members who each hold unique and important expertise to support OneNet’s subscribers.

Bryce Gandy is a system engineer on the team who contributes vital support in areas of subscriber relations by assisting with services like systems setup, configuration, and troubleshooting service issues.

Gandy and his fellow engineers are primarily focused on above-the-net services. “We provide support that correlates with high-speed network connections. We host and configure many different services for organizations and institutions,” Gandy said.

Gandy finds fulfillment in ensuring subscriber satisfaction. “I really enjoy seeing the subscribers appreciate their new services that allow them to better perform their operations. Not only that, I enjoy providing timely fixes for our subscribers,” Gandy said.

Systems team member Bill Bradford deploys OneNet’s virtual infrastructure to connect subscribers to OneNet’s data center, as well as provides data storage and disaster recovery services. Bradford works with not only large institutions, but also connects smaller subscribers to OneNet’s data center.

“Our virtual infrastructure offers many options for our subscribers. We manage all of the complexity of the underlying hardware, including design, maintenance, upgrades and refreshes. The infrastructure resides in our advanced data center which is one of the most well-connected datacenters in the state of Oklahoma,” Bradford explained.

OneNet Data Center

OneNet’s Data Center


OneNet’s systems team member Bradley Sanders maintains web, email and DNS (Domain Name System) services for subscribers, and he’s always looking for new opportunities to meet the needs of organizations as innovative technology expands and needs support.  Sanders also manages video conferencing platforms for OneNet subscribers and assists with troubleshooting technical problems for OneNet’s video conferencing subscribers.

Teleconferencing capabilities are now essential for education. OneNet’s systems team has assisted in migrating many K-12 schools and higher education institutions to new applications and systems that are imperative in meeting the needs of OneNet’s subscribers and key in advancing technology for rural subscribers across Oklahoma.

“Our system allows subscribers access to a much larger catalog of open source applications. We have advanced security and malware detection and prevention on these hosting services as well,” Sanders said.

The systems team creates cost savings for subscribers through no-cost services like DNS hosting or low-cost services like web hosting.

“I’d like to think our service is more responsive and hands on as well.,” Sanders said.

Having keen understanding in cost savings and advanced technology is at the forefront of the system team’s mission.Archive Storage graphic

Frank Hedges, who has been a part of the Systems team for the past 14 years and serves as OneNet’s storage architect and data center manager. Essentially, Hedges acts as the security guard for all of the vital information and data that is stored in OneNet’s datacenter. Evolving OneNet’s capability to provide data center services that meet subscribers’ needs is at the forefront of Hedge’s role and vision for the future.

“Data center upgrades have provided our subscribers access to more colocation space and allow OneNet’s virtual infrastructure service ample room for future expansion as needs change according to technological advancement in Oklahoma,” Hedges said.

The team members within the systems department understand how important it is to keep services running smoothly, up to date, and accessible. These advancements enable OneNet to provide the best possible support of the communities we serve.

OneNet’s systems team is uniquely skilled in their mission to serve as the catalyst for growth by providing leading-edge technologies that offer innovative solutions to solve challenges for our subscribers’ information technology teams.

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