OneNet’s Virtual Colocation Services Improve Flexibility and Generate Cost Savings for TU


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In 2017, The University of Tulsa (TU) began searching for a data center hosting option that would alleviate the technical and financial constraints it faced with its current on-premise solution. As the university expanded, maintenance and support costs continued to rise, making it difficult for TU to meet its functionality and security needs. To ensure the availability of its network, TU partnered with OneNet to meet the following needs:

  • Reduce capital expenses associated with facility management, maintenance, security and infrastructure
  • Improve disaster recovery solutions
  • Increase security of enterprise resource (ERP) and production systems
  • Provide knowledge, expertise and hands-on assistance to ensure a seamless transition

OneNet’s Solution

Leveraging OneNet’s virtual colocation services, OneNet and TU developed a plan to deploy a scalable solution capable of sustaining growth and minimizing capital expenses. OneNet’s facilities offered TU a comprehensive and cost-savings approach to support and protect its data and IT infrastructure.

Solution Highlights:

  • Allow capacity to be added or removed quickly and cost effectively
  • Offer geolocation for disaster recovery
  • Leverage virtual firewalls, VPNs and segmentation to improve security
  • Provide content filtering for TU’s K-8 University School at significant cost savings


  • OneNet staff made several trips to TU to understand its infrastructure challenges and deliver the optimal solution for its specific needs.
  • OneNet facilities provide TU with the flexibility to scale quickly and cost-effectively.
  • TU and OneNet pool knowledge and resources to reduce maintenance and support costs.
  • Virtual colocation services provide secondary failover capabilities for disaster recovery.
  • Reductions in capital expenses allow TU to focus on its core competencies and maximize its potential.

By Meagan Leber, Strategic Planning and Communications Intern Fall 2017.

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