Internet Service Suite

When you choose OneNet for internet access, you enjoy a comprehensive range of value-added services unique among Oklahoma internet service providers. Your service suite includes:

OneNet offers the most advanced internet in Oklahoma, thanks to hyper-speed backbone networks that are 100,000 times faster than conventional broadband. For rural and underserved areas with low broadband connectivity, OneNet’s network offers high-speed options. For information on connection options, visit our internet access page.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) Attack Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are an increasing security threat for the types of organizations OneNet serves. These attacks can overwhelm an organization’s network connection, so legitimate internet traffic cannot enter or exit the network. OneNet’s OneCyberShield team has developed leading-edge DDoS mitigation strategies to efficiently eliminate or reduce the impact of DDoS attacks for our subscribers. OneNet mitigates multiple DDoS attacks each week through a comprehensive solution and is continually looking for innovative technologies to combat these attacks.

  • OneCyberShield’s DDoS system provides automatic mitigation for in-progress DDoS attacks against OneNet subscribers.
  • Analysis and reporting tools provide real-time traffic alerts and visibility.
  • OneNet partners with Internet2 and other vendors for additional DDoS scrubbing centers.
  • DDoS mitigation services are provided at no additional charge for internet service subscribers.

MPLS – Network Virtualization
For subscribers needing to connect remote locations, OneNet offers multiple protocol label switching (MPLS) services. MPLS virtually connects all of your locations, providing seamless service. OneNet provides a suite of MPLS options, including Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, point-to-point services and point-to-multipoint services.

QoS Data Prioritization
For subscribers who require certain business applications to have priority on their circuit, OneNet can provide help with our quality of service (QoS) application.

DNS Services
OneNet provides DNS hosting for internet subscribers, and will also provide secondary DNS services if requested. Subscribers can edit DNS records through our web-based interface.

OneNet can register subdomains of the following domains:

  • CC.OK.US (for community and junior colleges)
  • K12.OK.US (for K-12 grade public and private schools*)
  • LIB.OK.US (for public and private libraries)
  • MUS.OK.US (for museums)
  • TEC.OK.US (for technical/vocational schools and colleges)
  • ARDMORE.OK.US (for city of Ardmore)
  • CLEVELAND.OK.US (for city of Cleveland)
  • LINDSAY.OK.US (for city of Lindsay)
  • SEMINOLE.OK.US (for city of Seminole)
  • TULSA.OK.US (for city and county of Tulsa)
  • OTNNET.NET (Oklahoma Telemedicine Network)

*Registration and DNS services are available for any Oklahoma K-12 school using the K12.OK.US domain.

Video Conferencing
OneNet and Zoom have partnered to develop a statewide purchasing program to benefit public institutions throughout Oklahoma. This new arrangement offers significant cost savings on video conferencing services for OneNet subscribers through a negotiated contract. Zoom provides a comprehensive set of video conferencing solutions. The services that are offered through the contract include meeting host licensing, webinars, room connectors and Zoom rooms. For more information, visit our video conferencing page.

Managed Contracts
When purchasing equipment or software, subscribers can take advantage of OneNet volume pricing from approved vendors. To learn which vendor contracts are available, visit OneNet’s managed contracts page.

Technical Support & Troubleshooting
OneNet operates a toll-free service desk 24 hours a day, year-round to provide network support. Through the service desk, OneNet technical staff will help identify a subscriber’s operational difficulty and follow through with a solution. Our service desk is available at 1-888-5-OneNet, or you can submit a service request ticket online.

Network Planning for Higher Education Institutions
OneNet will assist higher education institutions with their connections to the network, including equipment configurations, software needs and, where feasible, design of local area networks.

Network Monitoring
OneNet provides a suite of network monitoring tools that are available 24/7. Utilize our SNAPP service to see monthly, daily and hourly reports of your bandwidth usage. Visit the SNAPP page for instant access to your usage information. OneNet’s network operations center can also assist with further monitoring of your network. Contact a network services engineer at 1-888-5-OneNet for assistance.

Network Status Updates
OneNet keeps subscribers informed of network, technical and policy information through network status updates on our website. We also keep OneNet subscribers updated on any new procedures and services. Subscribers can subscribe to our updates through our website service desk.