You Use OneNet and May Not Know It

Student at Computer "#YouUseOneNet"

What do your usual errands include? Dropping your kids off at school…returning a library book…visiting your local health clinic…renewing your vehicle tag? All of these have one thing in common—OneNet. You may use OneNet throughout your day and not know it. Learn how #YouUseOneNet in our executive director column.

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OneNet’s Network Powers OSU Genome Sequencing Initiatives

scientists with Ipad

Previously, biology and internet connectivity occupied completely different spaces of an academic environment. But in a modern age, this is no longer the case. By utilizing technology, life scientists can complete exponentially more experiments at higher levels than ever imagined. At Oklahoma State University (OSU), researchers are leveraging robust OneNet connectivity to maximize genome sequencing research.

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OneOCII Increases Oklahoma’s Research Potential

Internet fiber

Across the state of Oklahoma, more than 100 institutions enjoy access to state of the art supercomputing resources. This is the face of modern research, and The Oklahoma Cyberinfrastructure Initiative (OneOCII) is enabling Oklahomans to pursue these high volume projects without limitations.

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