Virtual Infrastructure

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Run your servers in OneNet’s highly-resilient cloud service for your mission-critical applications. The service is allocated in pools of computing resources and storage. Within each pool, you are free to self-provision as many virtual machines of nearly any size you wish, up to the amount of resources available in the pool.


  • Reduces hardware and maintenance costs
  • Allows you to quickly spin-up new machines or servers
  • Features built-in high availability for reliable service
  • Features built-in disaster recovery — storage is replicated between Oklahoma City and Tulsa data centers several times per day
  • Reduces bandwidth traffic by redirecting public-facing service applications, such as your website
  • Access OneNet’s 24/7 service desk for support and answers to your technical questions

Learn more about virtual infrastructure redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.


  • VM service includes bandwidth and support
  • OneNet can tailor a package to meet your specific needs
  • OS management service is available as an additional service
  • Redundant virtual infrastructure is built on VMware vSphere
  • SOC2 Type 2 audit of OneNet’s control requirements for our data center, virtualization, and colocation services
  • Operating system licensing is not included

Resource Pool Pricing*:

Resource pools are purchased in increments of computing units. Compute units include 1GB RAM and CPU resources. One compute unit is $60/year. For subscribers purchasing 500 or more compute units, the price per unit is $48/year. Disk storage is $1.20/GB/year.


  • 2 CU + 40GB Disk = $2*60 + 40*1.20 = $168.00/year for a pool suitable for a small VM
  • 128 CU + 1000GB Disk = $128*60 + 1000*1.20 = $8,880.00/year for a large pool suitable as a replacement for many physical servers

*Pricing is for OneNet internet subscribers – non-internet users, please call for pricing.

To request a quote, please call our network systems team at 888-5-OneNet or complete our service interest form.