#WeAreOneNet: April Goode

April GoodeWhere are you from?

I grew up in Frederick in southwest Oklahoma. I’m an Okie girl through and through.

How long have you worked at OneNet?

I have worked at OneNet for more than eight years now.

Describe what you do on an everyday basis.

My days vary. Often I am working with other team members on planning projects or events. I handle all sorts of communications projects from brand messaging to customer communications. I manage OneNet’s educational publications and two websites. I work with the OneNet directors on strategic planning and outreach initiatives and guide our interns on social media, augmented reality and a variety of content projects.

What brought you to OneNet?

After working in hospice for 11 years, I decided to seek out a new opportunity. It’s important that I work for an organization with a strong mission. I saw the opening for OneNet and was interested in learning more. Through my research and interviews, I learned about OneNet’s dedication to serving communities across our state. That mission was exciting to me, and I felt fortunate to join the OneNet team.

What do you wish more people knew about OneNet?

I wish people knew more about the importance of a research and education network to the state. OneNet does far more than just provide internet service. We make it possible for researchers to move large data projects around the globe. We make telemedicine possible for healthcare providers serving the most remote communities. We make digital learning possible for students throughout the state. We don’t just provide internet—we provide opportunities and ensure needs are met for our state’s citizens.

What is your favorite part about working here?

My favorite part about working for OneNet is working with a team with their eyes on the future. We are always looking forward to what our customers and our state will need from our network in the years to come. By looking ahead, we are ready and able to meet our mission and serve those who depend on us.

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