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OneNet has served as the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s (OSDH)  primary network provider since 1997. OneNet historically has provided the transport as well as a robust video infrastructure for OSDH’s self-managed virtual private network.

In 2012, OSDH sought a comprehensive network upgrade that would connect 128 sites across the state and meet the following challenges:

  • Serve OSDH’s requirements for more bandwidth for business-critical applications
  • Provide the foundation for secure data and video communications
  • Ensure a more reliable and flexible core network
  • Offer network access that is more cost effective and limits future cost growth

OneNet’s Solution

OSDH awarded OneNet the project in February 2013 to design and deploy a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network upgrade, because we could offer a more robust, flexible and redundant solution that would converge data and video and provide increased services without increasing current costs.

Solution Highlights:

  • Network with state-of-the-art routing, switching and security platform
  • MPLS technology through Layer 3 Virtual Private Networking services
  • Five types of Quality of Service (QoS) queues, including expedited forwarding, assured forwarding, best effort, network control and scavenger


  • OneNet’s solution avoided costs of $1.8 million in the first year and will continue to achieve annual savings of $1.4 million in subsequent years.
  • Conversion to an MPLS network provides capital and operational cost benefits while improving network availability, reliability and performance.
  • The upgrade provides more bandwidth for business-critical applications and enables better business continuity planning.
  • The MPLS any-to-any connectivity offers a greater opportunity for efficiency, redundancy and seamless transition to systems and applications at other locations.
  • OneNet’s comprehensive statistical graphs ensure seamless transparency of network performance, regardless of last-mile provider.

To learn how OneNet’s MPLS service can maximize your network, call 888-5-OneNet and ask to speak with a network engineer.

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