#OneNetChampions: Horst Severini, Ph.D.

Horst Severini

“The ATLAS experiment generates PetaBytes of data every year, and as a Tier2 Computing Center, OU receives hundreds of TB a month delivered to process on Schooner. We regularly see transfers of up to 25 Gbps from other ATLAS sites worldwide, and OneNet enables us to do that.”

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#OneNetChampions: Dr. Dany Doughan

Dany Doughan

“The opportunity to utilize the high-performance computing capabilities of larger institutions of higher education through a high-speed internet connection enriches and augments the USAO undergraduate student experience.”

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#OneNetChampions: Henry Neeman, Ph.D.

Henry Neeman

“OneNet’s commitment to research networking across Oklahoma has been crucial to the success of research at a broad variety of academic institutions… OneNet’s collaboration with academic institutions across Oklahoma has been stellar.”

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#OneNetChampions: Christala Smith

Christala Smith

“OneNet has been an amazingly collaborative partner, supportive of new initiatives that will benefit our students! They are interested in progress and will do anything they can to promote and encourage advancements in technology.”

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#OneNetChampions: Stephen Wheat, Ph.D.

Stephen Wheat

“Everyone I work with at OneNet is an expert in multiple areas, and they willingly share their expertise. Anyone with network connectivity challenges to the outside world would find OneNet capable of addressing their challenges.”

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