#OneNetChampions: Henry Neeman, Ph.D.

Henry NeemanUniversity of Oklahoma

Director, OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research,
University of Oklahoma Information Technology

How long have you worked for your organizatUniversity of Oklahoma Logoion?

20 years with OU IT, 23 years with OU

Describe what you do on an everyday basis.

Every day is a new adventure with new challenges. I work directly with researchers, with my OU IT colleagues, with our administration, and with collaborators across Oklahoma and nationwide, to facilitate research, scholarship and creative activity in dozens of academic disciplines.

How long has your organization been a OneNet customer?

At least 20 years, because we were already OneNet customers when I started in OU IT.

How does high-speed internet help your organization serve your community?

We have a number of researchers who do research using large datasets that must either be obtained from other institutions or shared with other institutions.

Why are you a OneNet champion?OneNet Champions Logo

OU and OneNet have been collaborating on research networking for many years, including partnering on National Science Foundation network infrastructure grants since 2010. OneNet’s commitment to research networking across Oklahoma has been crucial to the success of research at a broad variety of academic institutions, from Oklahoma’s comprehensive PhD-granting universities, to minority serving institutions, masters-granting and bachelors-granting universities, and community colleges.

What would you tell others about OneNet?

OneNet’s collaboration with academic institutions across Oklahoma has been stellar.

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