Connectivity is Vital to Teaching Routines at Berryhill Public Schools

Berryhill Public Schools SealInternet connectivity is vital to keeping teaching routines on track at Berryhill Public Schools. Connectivity uptime is key to keeping the faculty and staff’s focus on educating students.

“EVERYTHING in our daily routines uses some type of technology.  Routine is important and when we cannot count on our connectivity, those routines are interrupted creating hardships on faculty and staff who need to be focused on educating students, not solving internet problems,” Assistant Superintendent Julie Belk said.

The district depends on its connectivity to support a wide variety of technology, especially since the pandemic. According to Belk, COVID changed many districtwide activities and instructional endeavors. The district now utilizes more technology and more efficient procedures that they plan to keep in place long-term.

New Technology

The district implemented true 1-1 technology devices for grades 7-12 and modified 1-1 for grades PreK through 6. The upper grades have devices they can take home, while the lower grade students have their own devices, but it stays at school and is checked out for home use in cases of distance learning or weather events.

In addition, the elementary school has new responsive displays in the classrooms. These interactive learning displays allow multiple students to work on the display at the same time.

“Technology provides a supplemental tool for all instructional and curricular endeavors in our district,” Belk said. “Technology is also integral in preparing students to be functioning members of society.”

Belk said the district faces a number of technology challenges such as funding, outdated devices, teacher training, online safety for students and staff, and the ever-changing trends in technology.

Despite these challenges, the district’s technology is integral to consistent and effective communication with students, parents, faculty and stakeholders.

Pride of the District

Berryhill Public Schools BuildingBerryhill Public Schools is located in Tulsa County and services 1,123 students. The district has an early childhood center, two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The pride of the district is their Blue and Gold Brigade marching band, which holds 24 state-championship titles from the Oklahoma Bandmasters’ Association.

Belk says the district chooses OneNet for internet connectivity because of its effective customer service and minimal service interruptions.

The district has two 1G circuits through OneNet—one connecting the high school and one connecting an elementary school. OneNet provides the circuits through two different local telecommunications providers, who connect the schools to OneNet’s network.

Internet Service Capability

“This capability has been a major determining factor in our decision to select OneNet. Our separate/split site which helps assure that part of our district stays up and running, even if there are issues with one of the service providers,” said Belk. “This has allowed students and staff to function without realizing there is an outage.”

Another important factor is the school’s relationship with OneNet’s team.

“We have had positive experiences.  They are quick to communicate when they will be working on lines or creating service interruptions and always make sure they schedule those around our workdays,” Belk said.

Berryhill Public Schools Football FieldBerryhill Public Schools’ services are a great example of how OneNet strives to provide tailored solutions to meet a school, library or technology center’s needs.

“As Oklahoma’s partner in education, we look for ways to enhance teaching and learning for the schools we serve,” Sonja Wall, executive director of OneNet operations, said. “We appreciate Berryhill Public School’s confidence in our services and will continue to work to be a valued partner to the district.”

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Photos courtesy of Berryhill Public Schools

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