Customer Service Queens: OneNet’s Provisioning Group

For the OneNet team, getting from point A to B involves a lot of intermediary steps. While work might be simpler if OneNet’s robust internet connections immediately appeared as soon as a customer joined the network, the reality is that numerous processes are accomplished quickly and efficiently as many OneNet departments coordinate with each other, as well as external entities.

For customers who are not familiar with the process involved between selecting OneNet’s services and accessing their new, reliable network speeds, OneNet’s provisioning team aims to provide an easy, seamless transition.

Communication is key for the ladies who work in OneNet’s provisioning department. Between the time a customer requests a pricing quote from OneNet, selects OneNet as their service provider then makes the switch to OneNet, there are often numerous behind-the-scene steps that involve collaborating with last-mile providers, ordering new equipment and scheduling installation times. The provisioning team acts as mediators, giving customers regular updates on the progress of their order and communicating with other OneNet departments and last-mile providers.

The provisioning group consists of Cheri Jensen, Lilia Concannon, Shari Baldridge and Lee Criswell. The entire group has spent their whole careers focusing on providing the best experience to whoever they serve.

With a combined total of 98 years in provisioning work, this group has developed a remarkable level of customer service. Their experience is apparent as they speak calmly and kindly with every individual they encounter. Their fine-tuned abilities help them communicate well with customers and convey customer questions and needs during the circuit provisioning process.

“When people call us, we are the voice of OneNet for them,” said Concannon

Provisioning Team

The ladies in the provisioning department enjoy their jobs for the same reason they are so difficult. Aiding customers through the entire process involves communicating with an array of people, including network engineers, on-the-field technicians and technology coordinators. Onboarding new customers requires a lot of cooperation, and the provisioning staff enjoy seeing a project through to the end.

“The most important contribution we make is anticipating potential problems and clearing them before there are any issues,” said Baldridge.

This may involve communicating in advance any changes in installation timelines or discussing the progress of a project with a last-mile provider. Customer service is what these ladies excel at.

While their jobs involve managing specific details of OneNet’s network, they like to keep the big picture in mind during their everyday tasks.

“My favorite part about my work is knowing that my grandchildren are receiving a great education, in part because OneNet furnishes their school’s circuit,” said Jensen.

As OneNet’s statewide network continues to expand and provide more opportunities for Oklahomans, the provisioning team continues to dedicate themselves to managing the in-between processes so Oklahoma’s educational institutions, health care providers, public service agencies and nonprofits can do what they do best.

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