Guest Column: At EOSC High-Speed Connectivity Contributes to a Skilled and Competitive Workforce

By Dr. Janet Wansick, President

Dr. Janet WansickIn an era where access to high-speed internet has become integral to education, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and OneNet are making significant strides to ensure students have the connectivity they need for academic success.

As institutions across Oklahoma work to advance educational opportunities in underserved communities, we cannot understate the importance of high-speed internet service in ensuring student access and success. The availability of high-speed internet services eliminates geographical barriers, allowing students from remote areas to pursue higher education without being hindered by limitations in connectivity.

OneNet is instrumental in providing robust and reliable high-speed broadband services to students, faculty and staff at Eastern Oklahoma State College. Thanks to OneNet, Eastern students in Wilburton, McAlester, Idabel and Antlers are breaking through barriers to access quality higher education and benefiting from a seamless online learning experience.

At Eastern Oklahoma State College, we recognize that high-speed internet is not a luxury but a necessity for our students. It is the bridge that connects them to a world of knowledge, providing access to resources and opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. Access to high-speed internet is not just about convenience; it’s about equity. It removes obstacles for students in rural areas, enabling them to participate fully in the educational process. With technology as an ally, learning becomes more flexible, and students can thrive regardless of their geographical location, working hours, and family commitments.

EOSC Student Using MicroscopeIn addition to enhancing accessibility, the integration of high-speed broadband technology aligns with Oklahoma’s broader educational goals, promoting a skilled and competitive workforce. A solid technology infrastructure supports learning, and in turn, more graduates contribute to greater communities, a stronger workforce, and a more robust economy for the state. This investment in education has far-reaching effects, not just for the individual students but for the entire community and beyond.

OneNet’s technology exemplifies a commitment to bridging the digital divide in rural education, ensuring that all students have equal opportunities for success. As technological advancements continue to shape the landscape of education, partnerships like the one between OneNet and the public entities it serves, become essential for creating a future where access to knowledge knows no boundaries.

Photos courtesy of Eastern Oklahoma State College

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