Keeping the Community Connected at the Mustang Public Library

Community libraries are no longer just a place to check-out books and visit for story-time. Many now serve as the central hub for residents, who need to connect to their community and beyond through high-speed Internet access.

The Mustang Public Library serves as that hub for its community. Residents of all ages visit the library to use the library’s public computers for a wide variety of needs. Some are conducting on-line job searches and applying on-line for openings. Others are taking on-line courses to further their education. Many are Internet savvy and can utilize the library’s Internet services without assistance, while others need help from the librarians to learn how to create resumes and post them to the web.

Library Director Desiree Webber interacts with library patron

While the community depends on the library for Internet access, Desiree Webber, the library’s director, depends on OneNet for reliable service and support. OneNet has been the library’s Internet service provider since 2004. Over the years, Desiree has been pleased with OneNet’s service and support. In April 2012, problems with the library’s public computers led her to call for help and gave her an opportunity to experience OneNet’s customer support team in action.

One morning, the library’s Internet service suddenly slowed to a crawl. Desiree says it seemed like their computers were frozen in place, and the library’s tech support couldn’t determine the source of the problem. Desiree called OneNet’s customer support line, and her issue was quickly elevated to level two support. OneNet’s Network Support Engineer Joel Moore answered Desiree’s call and went to work investigating the library’s problem.

Joel discovered that the library’s bandwidth was over-loaded by malware on its public computers that were “calling home.” He provided Desiree with a report showing how the library’s bandwidth was being overwhelmed with the Internet traffic created by the malware. This equipped the library’s tech support provider with the information they needed to determine which computers were infected. They found the malware had infected every public computer, so they cleaned each machine and upgraded security on the entire system.

Desiree says if Joel hadn’t provided the report, they couldn’t have determined the source of the problem. She says, “I was grateful he was there to help us and answer our questions.”

The library experienced first-hand OneNet’s dedication to providing exceptional customer support. The support team goes further than just diagnosing issues on OneNet’s end to assisting with potential problems on the customer’s end. Desiree says, “After determining it wasn’t an OneNet issue, Joel could have said it was an in-house problem and ended his assistance there, but he helped us identify the problem on our end.”

Although other Internet service providers have contacted Desiree about their services, she is committed to staying with OneNet. “I don’t want to give-up OneNet customer service,” she says. “Joel went above and beyond, and we are very grateful. He put us back in business.”

In return, OneNet stays committed to ensuring the high-speed, reliable service customers like the library depend on and to keeping our customers connected within their own communities and globally to the world beyond.

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