OneNet Connectivity Drives World-Class Research at National Weather Center in Norman

OneNet, the comprehensive digital communications initiative of the state system of higher education, maintains a partnership with the National Weather Center in Norman to support big data movement and innovative research. Because of this connectivity, the weather center has the flexibility to participate in emerging research areas.

OU radar research truck in front of an Oklahoma storm

Learn how OneNet advances research at the National Weather Center. Click the photo to watch a highlight video.

Meeting the needs of Oklahoma’s research community is a vital component of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and OneNet’s mission to advance technology across Oklahoma.

“The partnership between OneNet and the state’s research community is fundamental in supporting the world-class research taking place at our higher education institutions,” said Chancellor Glen D. Johnson. “The National Weather Center’s global research initiatives impact not only our lives today, but those of future generations. The State Regents and OneNet are proud of our role in these scientific advancements.”

Providing the technology the weather center needs for big data movement requires OneNet to stay ahead of the technological curve.

“OneNet is dedicated to providing the most advanced network in the state for our research partners,” said Vonley Royal, OneNet’s executive director. “We deliver the tools and technology necessary for Oklahoma’s researchers to connect with fellow researchers across the nation and around the globe in a secure and efficient environment.”

Tian-You Yu, Rep. Todd Thomsen, Rep. John Montgomery

Tian-You Yu, director of operations at The University of Oklahoma’s Advanced Radar Research Center, shares innovative radar research initiatives with Rep. John Michael Montgomery and Rep. Todd Thomsen during a tour Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The National Weather Center passes massive amounts of data through OneNet daily. This volume of data movement requires a reliable and fast connection, which OneNet provides through a 100 gigabit-per-second network.

“The State Regents and OneNet have been incredible partners in supporting our cutting-edge research initiatives,” said Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, vice president for research at the University of Oklahoma. “The weather center has pioneered the fine-scale computer prediction of intense local weather and the use of weather radar in such models, because of our collaboration with OneNet. This is an excellent asset to all Oklahoma citizens

Recently, Rep. Todd Thomsen and Rep. John Michael Montgomery spent the day with representatives from OneNet and the National Weather Center. They toured both facilities, where they learned about the partnership between these two organizations, their capabilities and the research conducted that impacts the state, nation and world.

OneNet’s continued partnership with the National Weather Center provides a framework for researchers to move big data sets with a level of flexibility and adaptability that can only be achieved with OneNet’s support. Not only has this partnership moved weather prediction and radar forward, it has also brought millions of research dollars into the state. These dollars have created new lines of business, jobs and emerging technology initiatives.

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